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4 min read

Commander Legends Preview Card

Written by Sarah Prior - Oct 31 2020

Commander Legends Preview Card

So you read that right, we’ve been given a preview card for Magic the Gathering Commander Legends! If you're unfamiliar with Commander Legends, then you should definitely check it out!

Commander legends

For me, as a Magic player with a massively keen interest in Commander, this is like Christmas morning, finding out that you must have been good this year because Santa (AKA Wizards in this analogy) has left you something really really awesome under that tree.

By now, Wizards know we’re huge Magic fans at Chaos and they couldn’t have picked a better set for us to preview, since the majority of us play Commander as our first choice of format and we absolutely love drafting too – so this brand new set that’s designed for Commander drafting couldn’t be a better place to start on our previews journey! And it’s a journey alright, but you’ll find out more about that later on.

Overall, from what we’ve seen of the previews so far this seems to be a really well thought out set. One of the biggest hurdles when creating a set designed to be drafted, but also designed to be played as a real Commander game is the issue of building your deck to your Commander’s colour identity. The solution Wizards have created is super clever. If you draft a particular colour early on and find yourself struggling to make it work in terms of someone else drafting the same colour as you (and it’s always the same person!), or drafting something you can’t pass up but don’t know how to fit it in, a lot of the Commanders in this set have the ‘partner’ ability, allowing you to have two Commanders as long as they both have ‘partner’. There are even common Commanders such as Prismatic Piper, to make your colour choice even more flexible.


Now, moving on to our preview – when it arrived in my inbox I was as excited to extract those files from that zip folder as my 5 year old was when I told him there’s an entire theme park dedicated to Lego (mind = blown). And what I found in it was something else. Now I’ve already given you a clue when I said ‘files’, not ‘file’, but I’m not going to spoil that part just yet…well, I am going to spoil it eventually, because let’s face it, that’s why we’re all here.

Chaos Cards Commander Legends Preview


And so, here is our preview card in all it’s glory.

Armored Skyhunter EN (2)

Armored Skyhunter, a white 3/3 flyer that costs four to play and lets you put an Aura or Equipment card from the top six cards of your library onto the battlefield whenever she attacks. You even get to attach the Equipment to a creature, meaning an innocuous looking field prior to battle could be deadly once Armored Skyhunter is attacking.

If you’re familiar with the cats of Magic the Gathering, you’ll know that they love their Equipment (think Kemba, Kha Regent, Balan, Wandering Knight, Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith…etc) and with flying thrown in for good measure, Armored Skyhunter isn’t just good for limited, it’s a solid choice to go into a constructed Commander deck too. My army of cats will be joined by Armored Skyhunter as soon as I can get my hands on a physical copy.

So I was being a bit cryptic earlier in the article about this being a journey. To those of you joining us on this leg of it, the first part was our YouTube video, which you’ve now seen by the virtue of embedding technology, unless you skipped that part and should definitely now go back and watch it. This article is part two and the final part is the bit that made me squeal when I opened that zip folder, because we didn’t just get one preview card, WE GOT TWO!

And since journeys are all about travelling, we’re revealing our other preview over on Facebook, where there’s something a bit special happening for our followers. So go…continue on this journey, follow us and you might even find something Legendary along the way!

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