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A look at Chaos Cards' Friendly Local Game Store!

Written by Jonnii Small - Jul 29 2020

A look at Chaos Cards' Friendly Local Game Store!

If you didn’t already know, we here at Chaos Cards love our community so much that we opened a Tabletop Gaming Centre in Folkestone, Kent, a few year ago. So with a new website, we wanted to write up an article showing you the ins and outs of what makes our ‘Friendly Local Game Store’ (FLGS) so friendly! Being in the midst of a global pandemic, we’re not running any of our usual events throughout the week to keep the customers in our stores as safe as we possibly can. Whilst that does unfortunately mean that no one can come into play any of their favourite games, we do still have a lot of stock currently on offer in our store! So, lets take a look around!


Starting with the store as a whole, we’re chocked full of board games from years past and a constant influx of the hot new releases! From your family games like Pandemic, Catan, Carcassone and Ticket to Ride, to the more strategic and complex side of things like Scythe, Terraforming Mars and Twilight Imperium, we’ve got a great selection (even Monopoly, Operation and Cluedo too!). If you’re stuck for what to purchase and don’t get enough details from the back of the box, our shop staff are always there to help further inform you to the best of their ability and help our customers make those tough decisions!


In-store there’s a huge selections of miniatures games! From Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus, the list goes on! We also love showing off other miniatures games too like Star Wars Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol, A Song of Ice and Fire and more! With a dedicated games room as well, where our players can show off their beautiful armies as they fight against their opponents, there’s more than enough space to fully commit to the hobby! Under normal circumstances, we have a devoted wargaming evening on Monday nights where our players bring their best minis to the table and duke them out in games like Bloodbowl, X-Wing and more! As soon as we’re able to start running our miniatures night again, we will!


When it comes to roleplaying games , we have everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Call of Cthulhu, and all of the books you need to start your tabletop RPG adventure! Normally on a monday night, we run a weekly Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot session and that’s on top of our other RPG groups that would come in to run their sessions too, and we hope to get back to running those sessions once we can do!

If card games are more your deal, we have an assortment of those too! We’ve a vast array of Magic the Gathering products from the latest sets as well as from further back. There are Commander decks for those of you looking for a more casual experience, a selection of theme boosters, Planeswalker Decks and Collector’s Packs, as well as pre-release kits! We’re also a Wizards Premium Store which means we get some exclusive promos and gifts to give out to our players that come to our Magic events, including our Friday Night Magic, Commander evenings as well as pre-release events!

What is WPN Premium?

"WPN Premium is a public recognition of the best game stores in the world."

Wizards of the Coast Store Page

Again, we would love to be able to fulfil the needs of our Magic players when it comes to events, but we’re not able to do that just yet due to the current circumstances!


When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh! we usually have the latest releases down too, from Starter Decks to Booster packs, we’ve got you covered! We would also usually hold our Yu-Gi-Oh! Mid-Week Duel on Wednesdays and Clash of the Duelists on Saturdays, also doing monthly Win-A-Boxes and sometimes even bigger events like the World Championship Qualifiers we held earlier this year. We’re also an Official Tournament Store (OTS) at Diamond level when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh! too, giving us access to some more special products, like OTS packs, to give to our Yu-Gi-Oh! Players at our events, when they start to happen again!

"Great service, knowledgable and friendly staff. Will 100% be visiting again"

Review from Dean Sharp - Tabletop Gaming Centre Facebook Page

The popularity of Pokemon is enormous and with that we do our best to stock the most up to date Pokemon TCG products (as well as some additional plushes!) and we usually give our Pokemon masters a platform to play their favourite deck every Friday night at our Pokemon Main Event! With the chance to gain some gorgeous promos as well as league points, we do our best to support our Pokemon Community! However, we’re not able to run any of our Pokemon events at the minute due to the global pandemic.


Singles are a big thing when it comes to Trading Card Games as well, with that in mind we’ve got a portfolio of singles from the latest sets of Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! that you can usually purchase, we’re it not for the current situation. We also would normally do trade-ins, allowing you to get store credit for your traded in cards, but as with everything else currently, we’re not able to trade-in cards due to the current climate. And as you can expect, we have copious amounts of accessories to adorn each style of gameplay; from card sleeves, card folders, playmats and much more! On top of that, in our store, there are a decent amount of gifts for lovers of nerd culture and the tabletop gaming hobby too! With Funko Pops, decorative mugs and keyrings to name a few!

"Very good store, friendly staff, good prices."

Review from Harly Etsybird - Tabletop Gaming Centre Facebook Page

We often normally do other events too, with a Sunday Board Games Club to fit all levels of board gamers (from families to enthusiasts!), a monthly X-Wing Tournament, and the odd Living Card Game night too! And don’t forget, if you ever want to come in for a game with your own friends or family, you can come in to game with them for just £2 a head for the whole day! And while you’re at it, why not try out a game from our over 300 strong Board Games Library on the upper mezzanine dedicated entirely to playing tabletop games! With titles such as Root, Tapestry, Zombicide, Gloomhaven and so much more, you’ll have enough to sort you out for the entire day! As with every other event we would usually run, our Board Games Library is currently not running because of obvious reasons, but as soon as we can run them again, we will!


And with that we’ve gone over everything you need to know about our Tabletop Gaming Centre down in Folkestone, Kent. Of course there’s so much more on top of that but you’ll have to come down and find out for yourself how friendly the staff and communities are, as well as our fantastic prices and local events for other games too!

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