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Welcome to The Spoils™ section of our website, we are proud to announce that we are the official UK distributor for this great game. In our opinion The Spoils™ is the best Trading Card Game every made for the 13+ years category. 


UK hobby stores and independent tournament organisers, please contact us and let's see how we can help build your community from the ground up.


The Spoils™ is the unique vision of a fantasy world gone terribly wrong. Sometimes comical, often bizarre, the dark whimsy and grisly humor of The Spoils™ is sure to delight and entertain. If you resurrected JRR Tolkien, HP Lovecraft and Lewis Carroll, and then forced them to write an epic together, it might come out something like The Spoils™

If you like skill based trading card games, then The Spoils™ is definitely for you, the gameplay is highly tactical and with a unique and unrivalled resource system, you will find The Spoils™ to be quite possibly the best game you have ever encountered! 


Click here to visit the official website, www.thespoils.com
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A Brief Overview - source Wikipedia

The Spoils™ uses a number of mechanics in common with other collectible card games. Unlike many games of this kind, you start the game with a Faction card in play, which determines how you begin your turn and which actions you are allowed to take. These Factions have special abilities, unique to each Faction card. 

Players need to amass Resource cards in order to play other cards. Certain cards are "Staple" Resources and any number of these may be played in a deck. As of the Seed Cycle, there is a rare Resource for each trade. The Factions count as Staples as well, according to the bottom of the card. However, since these are set apart at the beginning of the game or whenever you shuffle your deck, the word Staple tends to refer to Resources. Most cards require between 1 and 4 of these Staple Resources in play to meet the threshold indicated by Resource icons on cards. The Resource icons come in the form of five trades.

To supplement the Staple Resources, players may play any card from their hand face down as a Resource; however, cards played face down in this manner will not count towards the Resource threshold.

Playable cards come in several types, not counting Staples: Characters, Items, Tactics, and Locations. Each of these types often have subtypes. To win the game, the opponent's Faction must be reduced to 0 influence. The Tournament Faction starts with 25 influence. The Faction's influence may be reduced by attacking it with Characters, or by using Tactics or special abilities. Characters have three stats: Strength (amount of damage the Character deals), Life (amount of damage needed to destroy the Character), and Speed (faster Characters deal their damage earlier).

As of 20 January 2009, the company Arcane Tinmen have purchased the rights to The Spoils™, and have hired several members of Tenacious Games to resume production.


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