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Match Attax

Match Attax

Part of the Topps trading card empire, Match Attax is the official Premier League trading card game. Played globally, Match Attax is a best selling collectable for boys in the UK and is the best selling sports collectable in the world with millions of kids all over the world adding to their collections year after year. Whether you’ve been tending to your Match Attax card collection for many years or you’re just starting off, our selection of Match Attax card packs and Match Attax singles at Chaos Cards should cover all of your Match Attax collectable needs.

A staple part of any football fan’s childhood, Match Attax is the official Premier League trading card game and a best selling collectible for boys in the UK. Named as the best selling sports collectible in the world, millions of kids spend the Premier League season and beyond collecting and trading Match Attax cards with friends.

Match Attax Collectibles

Match Attax cards are a global collectible, sold across a number of different countries to football fans of all ages. Match Attax has around 1.5 million fans in the UK alone and approximately 2.5 million fans around the world. Most popular with kids, Match Attax cards can be both collected and traded meaning the Premier League hype can continue all year round.

Match Attax Cards

Our Match Attax cards are available either as Match Attax singles or Match Attax packs, so you can either pick up those single cards you’re missing from your collection, or purchase a pack of sealed Match Attax packs as a retailer. Browse more from Topps trading cards here at Chaos Cards.