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The time is drawing nearer, and we are very excited to announce that our plans for the Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre are nearing completion! Here's the latest news on how the store is progressing as we get closer to our Grand Opening Day on April 29th!

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Test of Honour

Karl from Warlord Games will be bringing down the newly released Test of Honour! This innovative skirmish game has forces of 5-20 models, led by Samurai, battle to decide the fate of a fracturing Japan. Using a combination of Dice, Cards and randomised activation, this game will be a real winner, not to mention the models are just simply glorious!

Demo games will run throughout the day from 11am.

Arkham Horror LCG

Arkham Horror takes you to the Lovecraftian world of the Cuthulu Mythos, where reality bends, sanity breaks and horror is around every turn. This fantastic game is part RPG, part Board Game, part deck builder! Our very own David will be running 4 plucky adventurers at a time through a scenario. Your decks will be pre-built, all you need to do is sit down, pick a character and see if you can survive!

 Running in one hour slots from 10am.



This quick game (30 minutes) puts you into Northern Europe after D Day! Take command of either the 2 plucky US Sherman Tanks, or the technologically superior German Panther and see if you can decide the fate of the Normandy invasion! This is a great little game, with a very simple rule set that you can learn in under 5 minutes. Come and play on our custom made demo table with scenery and models painted by our own team.

Available all day in 30 minute time slots.

Newsflash: 24th March 2017

The plans are all coming together for the shop's Grand Opening Day on April 29th! If you've liked our store Facebook page , you'll probably have seen that we've put up a Facebook event for the Opening , where we are posting up the planned events as we finalise them! 
So far we have revealed that we will be running demonstrations for the Tanks miniatures game , and introductory games of the Arkham Horror LCG , and we'll have Karl from Warlord Games coming down to show off their brand new miniatures game, Test of Honour !

We've shared a few work-in-progress photos on the Facebook page and on Instagram as well - it's not much to look at yet, but this week we saw the new lights fitted and the first bits of paint going on the walls, among other things! 

Newsflash: 17th March 2017

This week the work inside the store began in earnest, with our intrepid shop fitters braving the 20-year-old floor tiles and over-eager alarm system to clear out the building in preparation for putting in the shiny new floor and walls and ceiling and shelves and counters! You can check out the work-in-progress photos over on our store Facebook page!

Meanwhile at CCHQ, we've been undertaking some very technical and complicated calculations involving tables and floor space, and nailing down some really great stuff for our Grand Opening Day on April 29th!

Newsflash: 8th March 2017

We have the fitters building our amazing custom fixtures right now, and they'll be going in to fit them into our store at 100 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, in the next few weeks. 

We have finalised our fantastic team, and we hope you'll stop by to say hi to MattHarryGemma and Gemma (yes, two Gemmas), who will be working with Tracey and Simon in the store!

We are working like mad to arrange some really cool stuff to bring to you on our Grand Opening Day!

And finally, we have set our date for the Grand Opening - it will be on SATURDAY THE 29TH OF APRIL

We're really excited (and nervous!) and we really can't wait to see you all face to face at last in our very own gaming store! The store will have:

  • A huge selection of stock to buy
  • Loads of gaming space
  • An expansive board game library at your disposal
  • Snacks and light refreshments 
  • Regular organised play events and tournaments as well as dedicated casual play events
  • Enthusiastic gamer staff to help you with queries, events and demos!

We can't wait to see you all there! Stay tuned to this page for more updates, or follow us on Facebook for what's happening, as it's happening!

We would all like to say a great thank you to you all, for your custom since we launched the Chaos Cards website in 2011. It has enabled us to realise our dream ambition to build our very own hobby store, we hope you will join us on the next leg of our journey as we build a community for years to come.

With kindest regards,

The Chaos Cards Team.