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X Wing aficionado Harrison Sharp is back with another article on his favourite game! This week he’s looking at the M3A Interceptors that will be included with the C-ROC Cruiser Epic Ship. Read on to find out more about what extra bite you’ll be getting with your C-ROC!


Welcome back, fellow pilots! Today I’m looking at the preview article from FFG for the M3-A Interceptors that are being released with the C-ROC Cruiser. I’ve been flying M3-As for a while now, even before the fix they got for the Heavy Scyk Title, because I’m that hipster apparently, and so I know what these bad boys can already do on the table. Currently my build of choice is a Tansarii Point Veteran with Attani Mindlink, Heavy Laser Cannon and the Heavy Scyk Title, so will anything that’s being released knock that from the top spot for me? Let’s find out!

First off, we have a plethora of new pilots to sink our teeth into. Starting with the first Pilot Skill 1 Unique, Sunny Bounder. Sunny’s ability reads “Once per round, after you roll or re-roll dice, if you have the same result on each of your dice, you may add 1 matching result”. That’s quite a mouthful that boils down to a pretty respectable ability that will primarily be used on attack, due to the fact that getting two results that are the same is easier than getting three. Also, if you are playing to Sunny’s ability, you will likely want to take the Target Lock action, which can only re-roll attack dice. Add to this the fact that you can add a blank and then re-roll it with your Target Lock, which means adding a blank will actually do something on attack, whereas I can’t think of any situation where adding a blank on defence will ever be useful on Sunny. My only problem with Sunny is that to get the most out of his ability you need to take a Target Lock action, which means trying to, 1) acquire it in the first place, and 2) survive to use it, will be difficult on a Pilot Skill 1 ship. I think Sunny is a good ship to be given the new Light “Scyk” Interceptor Title and be used as a cheap blocker in the same vein as a TIE Fighter, but with an ability that may become useful at some point. Having the potential to create a third hit from nowhere is not to be sniffed at, especially when, as a blocker, Pilot Skill 1 is actually going to be better for you than Pilot Skill 2.


Next up is Inaldra. She comes in at 15 points, one more than the base model, with an Elite Pilot Talent, an extra point of Pilot Skill and, considering you’ve just got both of those buffs for a single point, a reasonably respectable ability. Spending one of your three hits to re-roll some dice doesn’t sound that good, but when equipped with the Pulsed Ray Shield also found in this expansion, it could prove to be quite a useful and annoying way of getting some free re-rolls. I think the main thing that makes me think Inaldra will see a fair bit of play is that she jumps in as the cheapest EPT carrier in the game when she takes the Light “Scyk” Interceptor Title, clocking in at only 13 points. If you’re running an Attanni Mindlink list, then having a 14 point ship running around who’s only job is to Focus for the rest of your squad is pretty amazing. Alternatively, you can use Inaldra to get a pretty accurate Heavy Laser Cannon shot against anything unfortunate enough to get in arc of her. If you equip her with Mindlink, Heavy “Scyk” Title, Heavy Laser Cannon and Pulsed Ray Shield, you’ve got a 26 point ship that’s going to demand your opponent’s attention. Inaldra’s low Pilot Skill actually helps her in this situation, as you should be almost assured that it’s safe to spend your Shield to get some offensive re-rolls by the time she gets round to shooting. I actually think this pilot is my pick of the lot. I can see a heck of a lot of use for her in a Mindlink list, which makes her extremely useful in the current meta.

Quinn Jast is next on the list and I’ve got to say, for the ship who’s paint scheme is being sported on the repainted M3-A, I’m pretty disappointed in his ability. Quinn can take a Weapons Disabled Token to flip up a spent munition, which sounds like a great idea until you get into the dynamics of it. Having flown HLC Scyks a fair bit, I know how well the dial lends itself to always being able to keep your guns on target; so giving up a round of shooting is a big drawback. If you want Quinn to be making the most of his shots, you’re going to probably want to spend your action on modifying your attacks, something you can’t do with the majority of your ordinance. This point can however be mitigated. Guidance Chips are going to be Quinn’s friend, as you would expect from any munitions carrier, as well as, you guessed it, Attanni Mindlink as his EPT. This will give you the modifications you need to make the most out of your munitions. You can also take one of the Missiles which you don’t need to spend your Target Lock to fire, such as Homing Missiles. Personally I think Quinn is going to be primarily found with an Ion Pulse Missile, as that will give you the control you need to get a round of respite to reload your missile. In a Scum control list, this could be very helpful, as you will be able to ensure you Ion a large-based ship every other turn. If I had to run Quinn, I would be looking at running him with a cheap Missile, like the Ion Pulse Missile, or something that has an area of effect, such as the Ion Torpedoes. My main concern would be spending five points on some munitions that just hit hard, as you can just take a Tansarii Point Veteran with a Heavy Laser Cannon for an extra point, or Inaldra for an identical points cost. You will be taking Quinn for the extra abilities that you can get from munitions that can fill a specific role, not just because you want to throw down 4 dice attacks.


Finally we come to Genesis Red, whose ability reads “After you acquire a Target Lock, assign Focus and Evade Tokens to your ship until you have the same number of each Token as the locked ship.” This may be the only Pilot with whom I wouldn’t instantly reach for the Mindlink card, as his ability requires you to acquire Target Locks, which means you want him as high a pilot skill as possible. Veteran Instincts is your friend here, as bumping Red up to Pilot Skill 9 will be extremely helpful, especially as you are able to get your free Focus Token from Target Locking a ship who already has one. This ability is pure action economy, with the added bonus of not requiring you to receive Stress Tokens or restrict your dial in any way. Looking at the full dial for a M3-A shows you that this ship is actually a pretty mobile craft, with a dial that only lacks the 3 turn and the 1 and 5 forwards on the dial. If we compare that to the Protectorate Starfighter, we can see that the M3-A moves slower but has access to the 1 bank, which lends itself to keeping at the range you want to be at. You can stay at range to make the most out of your 3 agility and Heavy Laser Cannon, or get in close for arc dodging. When you add all of that together with being Pilot Skill 9, you can really make the most of Red; however you will be tied into taking the Target Lock action to keep your action economy going. Because of this, you may be tempted to put Push the Limit onto Red, as he will then be able to Barrel Roll to help with arc dodging, then also take a Target Lock for the crazy action economy it gives you. The M3-A has a decent amount of green on the dial, so PTL isn’t a bad shout, but it does mean Red will be Pilot Skill 7, reducing his ability to arc dodge.


Finally we get to the two upgrade cards that have been previewed in this article, the Pulsed Ray Shield and the ARC Caster. The ARC Caster is a range 1, 4 dice cannon, which means it’s currently only useful on an M3-A as every other ship that can take it naturally has 3 attack dice. Its gimmick is that you have to deal 1 damage to another ship at range 1 of the defender if the attack hits, but you have to recharge the cannon after firing it, which requires you taking a Weapons Disabled Token. I’m struggling to find any use for this cannon and can think of a plethora of better ways to spend two points. I’m pretty sure this card is going to go straight to the back of the folder and never see the light of day again, but I will happily be proven wrong on that. The real star of the pack for me is the Pulsed Ray Shield, as it gives some ships that dearly needed a bit more survivability a boost. The Shield allows you to regenerate your single shield back, but you must receive an Ion Token to do so. For an M3-A with Heavy Laser Cannons, not having access to the 1 forwards has always been a curse. Now, for the cost of telegraphing your move to your opponent before the planning phase, you gain a shield and access to the 1 forwards. Bargain! However, I think this upgrade is really going to shine on one of the most annoying ships that has seen table time, Palob Godalhi. Take a look at the build below and think of just how annoying this guy can be:

That’s a pretty expensive HWK, but just think how annoying this guy is going to be! Palob starts by cloaking up, then dropping the Cloaking Device for a Feedback Array. This means Palob can no longer re-cloak, but doesn’t have to check to see if the Cloaking Device will break. As long as you want him to remain hidden, Palob will stay cloaked! He can then go onto using his action to stack some Focus Tokens, either helping out his friends with Mindlink, or keeping them back for when he needs to fire off his turret and using Deadeye to change the requirement of a Target Lock to just having a Focus Token. If you do decide to go down the Mindlink route, you can always grab a lock on the ship you expect to be targeted by Palob in the end game, when you decide to de-cloak. Finally, you can zap anyone foolish enough to get close to you, then regain your shield with the Pulsed Ray Shield. You will already be Ioned by the Feedback Array, so the extra Ion Token is no additional cost. You now have a Token stealing, un-evade-able damage dealing, shield regenerating troll of the finest order! Enjoy!

That covers all of the newly previewed cards from the C-ROC Cruiser expansion. I am really looking forward to having new and exciting ways of kitting out my M3-As, so if you have any ideas for tricks I’ve missed, please drop a comment below. So until next time fellow Villains, fly casual!


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