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TO Harrison Sharp is gearing up for his X Wing Epic Play demos at our Grand Opening Day with some more talk about the C-ROC Cruiser! Here he covers the latest spoilers for the expansion and how the new stuff will affect Epic Play!


Welcome back, fellow pilots! Last time we spoke about all of the awesome new tricks from the C-ROC Cruiser that you can use for your regular 100 point dogfights. It only makes sense that we dive into the Epic side of the game now and explore what the last couple of epic previews have done for the C-ROC, and indeed the state of the Epic ships as a whole.

Previously, we spoke about the initial preview article and all of the Scummy goodness previewed there, but instead of jumping immediately into the next one, I waited to find out the rest of the story. FFG didn’t disappoint, previewing his high exaltedness, the great Jabba the Hutt:


Straight away, we can see Jabba is going to be a card that becomes a great force multiplier for your Illicit Upgrades, allowing you to get two uses out of the ones you would normally have to get rid of after just the first use. A lot of people are looking at Sabine Wren in the Shadow Caster and wondering how hilarious it would be to have up to four uses of Glitterstim on her! Very, the answer is very!

It’s also a great idea for your YV-666s, who only get access to one Illicit slot and are the only non-Epic ship in Scum who have enough Crew slots to equip Jabba. I can definitely see use for one more use of Glitterstim or even a Burnout SLAM. The article itself shows what some crazy Z-95 swarm with “Hot Shot” Blasters could look like to really maximise the usefulness of Jabba – it’s basically a free nine points of upgrades, once you look at all of the Illicit upgrades and the cost of Jabba himself!

There are definitely a lot of possibilities to Jabba, but whether they outweigh the cost of taking him in the first place still remains to be seen. If you weren’t thinking of taking a YV-666 in your list, then you’ve just spent 34 points – a full third of your list in regular play – on putting him on the table.

Personally, I think that we will only really start to see the full potential of Jabba once we see some more Scum ships with access to two Crew slots. When I’m running a YV-666, I want to be able to use those crew slots to their full advantage, and I think you have to look long and hard at how the extra Illicits will affect your squad before committing to putting Jabba on the table.

We also got to see the other two titles, as well as two more Cargo Upgrades for Epic Play. The first Cargo, Quick-Release Cargo Locks, is a bit of a weird one, as we don’t know the mechanic for dropping the Cargo container yet. We can only assume that it’s going to be a “within range 1” jobby, as there seems to be no nubs like we’ve seen on the Rigged Cargo Chute. For two points, this can be quite a decent little deterrent, but I can’t really see it being used that much, as the Rigged Cargo Chute will do almost the same thing, but for a point cheaper. If you add Jabba onto the board, which I think will probably be a must in Epic Play, then you will also get two drops from the Cargo Chute, making it even more economical. I could of course be wrong; if the range band isn’t as restricting as range 1 then this card could be a pretty nasty shock, especially if you’ve also just Jammed the ship you’re dropping this onto. You could guarantee it being triple-stressed for at least two turns, which will kill any sort of ship that relies on its action economy.

We also have the arrival of the Supercharged Power Cells upgrade, and damn it’s good! For three points you can discard the card and increase an attack by two dice. That’s going to make all the difference for that initial salvo between two Epic ships. Having the CR-90 throwing down eight dice from its primary weapon at range 5 is a really scary prospect! With all of the tricks that a “Sniper Corvette” can bring to bear in Epic Play, you can pretty much assume that anything that gets in the way of that big gun is going to go away very quickly. I’ve played games where the Corvette has almost crippled a section of the Imperial Raider at range 4-5 in one round of combat before, so with this upgrade that would have tipped the scales to getting the job done. I honestly can’t think of a situation where an extra two attack dice wouldn’t be helpful. Even on the C-ROC, firing at Pilot Skill 1, this upgrade is extremely useful, as it can be held onto until you really need a ship dead before the next round and at PS1, you will have a good idea if you need to use it or not.


Finally we come to the two unspoilt titles that round out the three in the pack, the Insatiable Worrt and the Broken Horn. These are both pretty powerful titles, but have a different build for each to make the most out of them. The Insatiable Worrt is the one that I am most interested in, as it looks to be very powerful for just a point. Yes, you’re giving up 1 energy; however, you will be able to heavily increase your energy regeneration throughout the game. Currently I’m looking at something like the following with the Worrt:

“So what does all this mean?” You may be asking. Well, let’s break it down. With this build you’re looking at spending some of your energy between your action phase and your gather energy phase; this way when you gain energy you’ll have the space to keep it; then you can re-fill your energy with the Insatiable Worrt title after performing your Recover Action. You have three cards to help you with using your energy: your Backup Shield Generator if you want to gain an additional shield, then after recovering more energy use your Construction Droid to get rid of some damage, as well as the Engine Booster, which I have found is a very key card when you have slow-moving ships and range 5 cannons on the board. The whole idea behind this ship is to get into a position to deal a heavy blow quickly without sacrificing defence. With any luck, you should be able to regenerate three shields a round, or two shields and one hull if you’re in trouble. This build does, however, leave you without much in the way of modification for your attack, as you are using your action to Recover. If you want a little more offensive power, switching out the Construction Droid for Dengar would be a great idea. Zuckuss and Dengar both go very well together, and when you’re going to be throwing out 4 or 6 attack dice, you will really want those re-rolls!

As for the Broken Horn, I can see it being a very tanky ship, but it may perhaps start to lose out due to its restrictive amount of Crew and Crew Team Upgrade slots. With 6 energy on the ship, you’re going to want to have a lot of things to use it on, and as Zuckuss seems to be pretty much an auto-include on this ship, you only have 1 Crew and Crew Team to use. Apart from that, I can really see the usefulness of being able to spend your Reinforce Token. If you need one more Evade to stop a Crit from going through, this is the perfect time to use it! That should allow you to use the Construction Droid to great effect. With the lack of necessity to spend Energy at a specific time, you can also more freely utilise it, maybe keeping the Tibana Gas Supplies that normally frequent an Epic ship on board so that you can get that boost of Energy when you really need it.

That concludes my thoughts of this ship. I love Epic Play, so I’m really looking forward to this ship. Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype about it!


Don’t forget to pre-order your C-ROC Cruiser with us now, and if you’re in the southeast UK, come by the shop on our Grand Opening Day on April 29th to say hi to Harri and play some X Wing with him!

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