The Rise of the Miniature!

I love miniatures. It is not unknown for me to purchase a board game chiefly because I love the miniatures in it (Labyrinth), or to buy miniatures from a game just to paint and display (Batman, Guild Ball). I’ve spent hours painting my Mansions of Madness miniatures, I drool over the Malifaux faction boxes (damn, those Neverborn are so cool!), … Continue reading

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Miniature Painting: Tips and Tricks

So chances are that this Christmas you’ve ended up with a miniatures game; whether it’s a board game with miniatures or a full-on miniatures wargame, they’re all the rage right now. From Warhammer to Wyrd, from Steamforged to Mantic, from Fantasy Flight to Cool Mini Or Not, from Warlord Games to GaleForce 9, everyone’s bringing out the minis! The thing … Continue reading

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Making Miniatures: Catwoman

I love assembling and painting miniatures; the care and creativity that it takes is the best part of the hobby for me. I love painting to themes, modifying the miniatures and generally just playing around with them! After moving from Warhammer to Malifaux, I noticed some marked differences in the miniatures and how they’re both moulded and presented to us … Continue reading

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