Christmas List – Stocking Sized Games

Big presents are great. Everyone likes getting a really hefty box, gift-wrapped with their name on the tag. But let’s face it – they can’t always be big ones! Sometimes you need to give something smaller, whether it’s because you’re keeping to a budget for a Secret Santa or you’re looking to fill up a stocking. And Christmas shopping can … Continue reading

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GameSpot – Bézier Games

With Christmas looming on the horizon, we’re getting back to our GameSpot articles, looking at the offerings of a particular games company. This time we’re looking at Bézier Games!   Bézier Games is an American manufacturer and publisher of board games and card games, started in 2006 by Ted Alspach with the game Start Player. Since then Bézier Games has … Continue reading

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The Mythology Behind Innistrad – Part One

This month’s return to the plane of Innistrad in the new Magic: the Gathering set, Shadows Over Innistrad, returns us to the gloriously dark, gothic world first introduced in 2011. Populated by vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghouls and all manner of supernatural horrors, the human inhabitants live in close-knit settlements, protected by the watchful eye of the god-like Avacyn and her … Continue reading

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