The Rise of the Miniature!

I love miniatures. It is not unknown for me to purchase a board game chiefly because I love the miniatures in it (Labyrinth), or to buy miniatures from a game just to paint and display (Batman, Guild Ball). I’ve spent hours painting my Mansions of Madness miniatures, I drool over the Malifaux faction boxes (damn, those Neverborn are so cool!), … Continue reading

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GameSpot: New Range from Tor Gaming!

Today’s GameSpot is a special shout -out for a new company on our distribution list: Tor Gaming! Tor Gaming are a Sheffield, UK-based company who have made it their mission to create brilliant, original miniatures games with fun and engaging rules and beautiful models. They’re well on their way to completing that mission with their first game, the ‘Stitchpunk’ wargame … Continue reading

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