X Wing On a Budget!

Harrison Sharp returns to us with some list suggestions for anyone looking to get into X Wing without too big an initial payout. Those super-optimal lists can get awful pricey if you don’t already have most of the ships and card that you need, but are there any good lists to be had on a budget? Harri’s come up with … Continue reading

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X Wing: 4 is the New 3!

TO Harrison Sharp returns with musings on the changes in X Wing’s Metagame since the release of Wave 4, and how it affects your game. Is it for better or for worse? Read on to see what Harri thinks, and be sure to leave your opinion in the comments section beneath! ************************************************** Welcome back, fellow wild space fringers! Today I’m … Continue reading

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X Wing: Regional Tournament 2016

TO and X Wing fanatic Harrison Sharp is back with another report from the field! Here’s how he got on at the Regionals: ****************** Greetings Holonet! Sorry it’s taken so long to get my thoughts down for this one, it’s been pretty hectic in my little slice of the outer rim! But I have finally got some time to myself … Continue reading

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