The Rise of the Miniature!

I love miniatures. It is not unknown for me to purchase a board game chiefly because I love the miniatures in it (Labyrinth), or to buy miniatures from a game just to paint and display (Batman, Guild Ball). I’ve spent hours painting my Mansions of Madness miniatures, I drool over the Malifaux faction boxes (damn, those Neverborn are so cool!), … Continue reading

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GamesGrabr on the Dark Souls Board Game!

You all know about the Dark Souls board game by now – we got rather excited about it when the Kickstarter was announced, and after it pulled in an incredible £3.7 million to date (you can still get in a late pledge!) board gamers everywhere were talking about it! The excitement is still high as the Steamforged team get well … Continue reading

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