Infinity: What’s In The Box? Exploring The Nomads Starter Box

Chris H takes a look at one of our newest additions to the miniatures games, Infinity! Here he takes a closer look at the Nomads faction.


1 x Mobile Brigada
1 x Spektr
1 x Grenzer
3 x Aguacil

Nomad players have two sectorial armies to choose from at the moment: the grizzled mercs of Corregidor or the libertarian mavericks of Bakunin. This box includes two models from the as-yet unreleased sectorial of Tunguska, making this boxed set most suitable for non-sectorial ‘vanilla’ armies.


The Alguaciles

Let’s get the cheerleaders out of the way. The three Alguaciles are basic 10pt models, each providing you with a regular order. With a Ballistic Skill of 11 they’re not the worst line troops you can find, though they’re below the standard of a Pan Oceania fusilier. However, they have a very good Willpower of 13. For an extra two points, you can turn them into Forward Observers, giving them flash pulses and deployable repeaters. This is an absolute steal; Nomads are the best hackers in the game, so having easy access to repeaters to extend your hacking range is very valuable.

You won’t be able to link them if you take a vanilla army, of course. That’s a boon reserved for sectorial armies. But since Alguaciles are also available in Corregidor, you can use them in that particular sectorial.

The Mobile Brigada

One of the poster-boy models of Third Edition, the Mobile Brigada is a walking tank! With 2 wounds, 4 Armour and Ballistic Skill 13, it can dish out the pain as well as take it! Weapon-wise, it brandishes a multi-rifle which can fire Armour Piercing and Shock rounds as well as single-shot Double Action rounds, and a light flamethrower which is perfect for scaring off camouflaged enemies and link teams. Another unit that’s also available in Corregidor, the Mobile Brigada is relatively expensive, but durable. He doesn’t bring many toys to the field though; just his gun, his attitude and his courage! A good, if obvious, choice for Lieutenant.

The Spektr

This Tunguska unit comes equipped with Thermo-Optic Camouflage, enabling him to not only infiltrate the field, but also remain invisible until activated by the player. How this usually works is that you ask your opponent to turn away while you deploy him, take a quick photo as proof of his location, and then remove him again. This lets you spring very nasty surprises. He’s also free to move around as a camo marker, of course. His antipersonnel mines can lock down enemy units if placed cleverly.

The Grenzer

Another Tunguska unit, the Grenzer is often seen as a budget version of the legendary Intruder. With his decent armour and Bio-Technological Shield (BTS), a Ballistic Skill of 13 and a Multi Sniper-rifle, the Grenzer is a formidable rooftop dominator. Factor in his breaker pistols which attack enemy BTS whilst reducing it to 50% effectiveness, and his Multi-Spectral Visor Level 1 which reduces shooting modifiers from things like Mimetism and Optical Disruption Devices by 3, and you have a reasonably tough and deadly unit.


The Plan

As pointed out above, this is a vanilla team, so you won’t be linking the Alguaciles just yet. But that’s fine; hide them behind a building and use their orders for the Mobile Brigada to get into +3 range for its multi-rifle, which can take apart even heavily armoured targets; or use their orders to sneak the Spektr around the side of the enemy, where he can use surprise shot or drop mines. In the enemy turn, the Grenzer will be the reaction piece, firing off Double Action rounds in the enemy turn from his position somewhere high up, forcing the enemy to spend orders to avoid his gaze.

At 132 points, this starter still leaves some room to add new units for 150 point games.


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