Infinity: Stars of the Human Sphere File #002 – Clausewitz Uhlans and Tikbalangs


Chris H returns with another look at more superstars of the Infinity universe! This time he’s looking at two miniatures from the Pan Oceania faction:


File #002 – Clausewitz Uhlans and Tikbalangs

Units in Infinity come in all shapes and sizes, from diminutive robot servants to walking tanks! The most imposing are the TAGs (Tactical Armoured Gear), walking front-line morale destroyers with heavy weapons and durable armour.

Perhaps the most advanced TAGs belong to the ‘Hyperpower’, Pan Oceania. Its comparatively wide range offers players a number of options, including the Stingray 3 Series models, the Clausewitz Uhlans and the Tikbalangs.

Hidden Threat

The Uhlan is a tough and effective TAG, capable of withstanding as much firepower as it dishes out. Let’s look at the profile:

Uhlans stats

The unit’s 6-4 movement is fairly standard, allowing it to move 10” with a single order if it doesn’t do anything else. But its Ballistic Skill of 15 is high, even for a TAG. Armour 6 and Bio-Technological Shield of 6 are reasonably high, although there are TAGs with superior values. With a Structure value of 3, the TAG effectively has 3 wounds, helping it withstand enemy attacks.

However, much of the unit’s durability stems from its skills. The Clausewitz Uhlan has Remote Presence which means that instead of having a pilot, it is controlled remotely. In game terms, this gives the unit a second level of unconsciousness! Usually in Infinity, if you lose all of your wounds (and most units only have 1), you enter the unconscious state. If you take any further wounds, you are dead. With Remote Presence, you need to suffer two wounds to go from unconscious to dead. So the Clausewitz Uhlan is tough to put down for good!

The Uhlan also has Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM) to help protect it from guided missiles.

More impressive, though, is Camouflage. This is very rare in a TAG. Because of this, the Clausewitz Uhlan can start the game represented by a token and will need to be discovered before it can be directly attacked. It also allows the player to use Surprise Shot by revealing the Uhlan, giving the TAG an even better chance of winning a shoot-out. Even after it has been revealed, its Camouflage will provide it with the Mimetism skill, forcing a -3 Ballistic Skill penalty on enemies.

In terms of weaponry, Clausewitz Uhlans carry a Heavy Machine Gun which has an excellent rate of fire and can punch through the thickest armour, as well as a Feuerbach. This versatile weapon fires special ammunition that can either benefit from Armour Piercing and Double Action rounds, reducing enemy Armour values and scoring two hits per successful shot, or can launch a single explosive round.

At 99 points and 2 SWC (Support Weapon Cost), the Uhlan is towards the high end of the TAG range. But with this sort of load-out, it’s definitely worth the investment!

Power and Grace

The Uhlans excels at long-range, but for those times when you want to wage a close-range assault, forcing the enemy away from objectives and dealing with scores of dug-in troops, the Tikbalang fits the bill. Let’s take a look:

tik stats
As fits its rampaging character, the Tikbalang is superior to the Uhlan in close combat, with a very respectable Close Combat (CC) score of 17 and an armour-piercing combat weapon. Its Ballistic Skill is 15, and in terms of Armour and Bio-Technological Shield, it matches the Uhlan.

In terms of skills, it is slightly different to the other machine. It doesn’t have Camouflage but it does have Mimetism so forces the same -3 Ballistic Skill penalty, and also has an ECM system. The Tikbalang can also move through Jungle terrain without penalty and has the Climbing Plus ability, which allows it to climb up and down buildings at its normal movement rate, hang off walls and shoot from half-way up a sheer surface. Very useful in a terrain-dense game like Infinity!

The weapons loadout of the Tikbalang is very flexible. With a Heavy Machine Gun, the TAG can attack enemies at range, but its Heavy Flamethrower is a close-range template weapon that is excellent for attacking tightly-packed groups of enemy units. Interestingly, the Tikbalang also has Antipersonnel Mines, so it can lay a mine next to objectives, or use mines to protect itself from enemies seeking to enter close combat. This is a really useful aggressive and defensive measure.

At 85 points, the Tikbalang is slightly cheaper than the Uhlan, and is geared more towards being at the sharp end of the battle than providing support from behind the front line.


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