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So these days most people count gaming of some sort as their hobby; whether they’re the cool kids like us, playing tabletop games, or if they’re still slaves to the electronic boxes (we kid, of course – everyone here is just as likely to be raving about their latest Xbox game as they are their latest board game), or if they can’t do without their nightly fix of Candy Crush Saga on their phone, we feel pretty confident in saying that pretty much everyone between the ages of about 6 and 60 probably could be considered gamers to some degree or other. Naturally, to cater for this, there are hundreds of gaming forums and websites on the internet, where you can buy games, download games, read FAQs and walkthroughs for your games, or even watch other people playing their games! And in the world of social media, Facebook and Twitter can come alive with heated debates on which games are best, how to play this game best, when the next expansion for that game is coming out, and so on.

Obviously here at CCHQ we try to keep on top of stuff like this, and in our online wanderings we came across a great new site called GamesGrabr. Calling itself ‘Pinterest for gamers’, its main function being to allow you to collect pictures and videos from the internet, and from others’ profiles, and put them together in themed collections. In this way you can simply have a place to put all that great info together for easy reference, or you can create your own little page to entertain and inform others!


“gamesGRABR welcomes all gamers across all platforms, united by their common desire to share their favourite gaming experiences and inspire others to discover great gaming products and related content. Our mission is to offer one location for all gamers to socialise, discover, play and buy gaming products recommended by their peers.”

Unlike Pinterest, which lets its users ‘pin’ pictures on all manner of subjects, GamesGrabr wants its users to post about games. What kind of games? ALL kinds of games! There’s also the GamesGrabr blog, where you can read all the latest news, reviews and articles from the gaming world without having to jump around various websites to find them. And in addition to all that, they’re also partnering with various companies and aspiring YouTubers to bring fresh original content and exclusive news to their site!

Right now it’s mainly focused on the electronic formats – console games, handheld games, pc games, and so on. However, there’s plenty of scope to extend it to the tabletop format, and with much of our products crossing the border between tabletop and onscreen gaming (Pokemon being a big example), we decided to set up a profile of our own! You can check out our profile here; we’ll update it each week with our new releases and YouTube videos!

Screenshot 2016-04-15 09.22.04

So jump on, make a profile and you can amaze like-minded gamers with your awesome collections and knowledge today!

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