When will you restock X single card?

Single cards are not restocked in the same manner as sealed products. It is not a case of simply ordering more of a specific card in. Our singles collections are created the same way that you create your own, by opening a lot of booster packs! This means, just like you we end up with a lot of common cards, slightly less uncommon cards and even less of the rarer (and most popular) cards. So, once they go the only way to restock them is either to open more boosters, or get them in via buy lists! When it comes to older cards from sets not in print, then opening boosters is not an option. Also opening a lot of boosters for a small number of cards is not economical, so we only do it when an entire set is running low! Now to finally answer the question, we cannot give you a clear date, we will restock them as and when we are able to.