Single Card Condition Guide

Chaos Cards currently sells cards graded as Near Mint, Excellent, Good / Fair or Played. If you have any questions regarding these grades, please feel free to contact We are happy to answer any questions or hear any suggestions for improvement to this guide


This is the highest condition that we use for our cards. The card should be in perfect or almost in perfect condition, only very slight imperfections are allowed, which is often undetectable except by the experienced, and the card should have almost no wear.


The card should be in collectable condition. This condition is similar to "Near Mint" but may have more imperfections such as minor edge/corner wear very minor binder bending, slight scratching, clouding or minor scratches to the foil or card face.


This is a card that has seen some light to Medium play or has some sort of visible damage. A card in "Good" condition may have moderate edge/corner wear and/or moderate scratches to the foil or card face. The back of the card may also have wear.


Played is not ideal for collectors and is the lowest condition that we give to our single cards. The cards will have seen some heavy play and will also have heavy corner/edge wear. The back of the card will also have heavy wear. Foil cards in "Played" condition will have heavy scratches on the card face. Some "Played" cards may also have bent corners and/or creasing.