MTG Changes

We’re Implementing Changes to our Magic the Gathering Events

Friday Night Magic gets a Party makeover

Our Friday Night Magic events are designed to be less of a competitive affair and more just for the joy of playing a few fun games of Magic. We’re calling it an FNM Party! We’re still running a tournament format, it still starts at 6.30pm and it’s still Standard, but the entry cost and prize structure has changed. It now costs just £3 to enter our FNM and for every round you win, you will receive a booster pack. The tournament winner gets a special promo pack and there are two other random promo packs randomly distributed amongst the remaining players. So even if you lose every round, you could still win a promo pack! The tournament is also limited to 3 rounds so for those needing to get home by public transport, you know the tournament won’t run past 10pm, and for the night owls, you’ve got plenty of time to head off to the pub after!

When: Every Friday Night

How Much: £3

Time: 6.30pm

Format: Standard

Friday Night Magic Casual Play

If you’re just not that into tournaments, you can play casual games all day/evening for just £2. Any format, any event type, we can facilitate your game and even help you to find players that like the same type of games you do. Just talk to our friendly staff and they’ll be happy to help you.

Super Spike Saturday
We’re trialling a competitive Saturday event on 15th and 22nd June, then every Saturday starting in July (except for special events such as Pre-Release and Launch). It’s £10 entry with at least a booster box for the winner plus at least another booster box split between the top 8/top 16 (dependant on numbers). There will be a top cut for this event.

When: 15th & 22nd June and every Saturday in July.

How much: £10

Time: 10:30am

Format: Standard

Easy Like Sunday Drafting

If drafting is your bag, come along on a Sunday at 11am. It’s just £6 entry and you’ll draft 3 boosters of a current Standard set, build your deck, then play a 3 round tournament. The winner receives a promo pack.

Beat the Monday Blues with Monday Night Modern

This isn’t a new event, but we’re giving it a mention because we’ll be introducing promo packs into the mix as soon as they’re available. Top half of players will receive store vouchers and this event is limited to a maximum of four rounds.

How much: £5

Time: 6.30pm

Format: Modern

Commander & Casual events

Commander & casual play are both popular in-store. You can come along and play anytime we’re open for some fun casual games for just £2, or you can pay £4 and get a booster with your entry. We’ve implemented an evening specifically geared towards casual play, so if you’re looking to find players with similar format tastes as yourself, come along on a Wednesday evening and we’ll help you meet up with other players like you.

After School Tournament

We have a growing number of students who play in our Tuesday After School Tournament. Entry is just £2 and the tournament runs from 4-6pm. Every player gets a booster pack and the winner gets an extra booster. Everyone receives a promo card as well.

How much: £2

Time: 4-6pm

Format: Standard

Extra Promotions:

Lucky Loser

At any of our Friday Night Magic tournaments, if you lose all 3 rounds, you can buy a standard legal booster for £1, as a little consolation – because no-one likes to lose!

Bring a Friend

Bring along a brand new player and get free entry (for yourself) to any £5 or under tournament.

Chaos Treasure Chest

We’re introducing a treasure chest full of lovely prizes to be awarded at the tournament organiser’s discretion. Good sportsmanship, awesome deck ideas, attending in cosplay, bringing lots of new players and loyalty to events are all factors in the decision making process and anything left in the chest at the end of a season will be given away.

Charity Raffle

Players get a ticket to our charity raffle for every £10 they spend at Friday Night Magic. At the end of the season, we draw the raffle from the players who attended and donate £150 to a charity of the winner's choosing and £50 for the runner up.