Micromajig Outpost Stores

A hobby store qualifies for Micromajig Outpost status when they sanction at least one Spoils event each month (a sanctioned event requires a minimum of 4 players).

The benefits of running sanctioned events include

  1. Generous discounts on Dragon Shield and Arcane Tinmen supplies, such as the highly coveted 100 count sleeve boxes
  2. Monthly prizes supplied free of charge by Arcane Tinmen, such as gloriously illustrated strong rubber backed playmats, featuring artwork by some of the genres top artists
  3. Highly collectible metallic Micromajig figurines
  4. Foil Promotional Cards

Players receive an STP number that enables them to gain ranking points as they play and win fantastic prizes – starting at Foil cards and ending at an entire uncut sheets of cards. (full details of season 3 coming soon)

Players will love attending your sanctioned events for the very generous prize support, from a company that is dedicated to providing their player base with all the tools to have as much fun as possible.

Organisers will greatly appreciate the friendly, caring and loyal support from their distribution partner Chaos Cards. The team at Chaos Cards, are big fans of the game, and can talk you through every step of the process – from how the game mechanics work to how to organise your first tournament.

Chaos Cards are proud to offer our hobby store customers a free demonstration Spoils box of awesomeness, it contains 5 demo decks, plus the instructions to get you started, along with some foil card goodness sprinkled on top!

Just contact the support desk on the number above, or email us and we will get you started on your journey to becoming the next Micromajig Outpost!

All for now,

The Chaos Cards Team!