Members Area Help


Welcome to the Chaos Cards' Members Area Help Guide, here we explain how you sign up to receive points on the orders you place and interact with us. If you have the Members Area already installed on your account, feel free to skip on down to part 2.

Part 1 - Signing up

Firstly make sure the box to earn points on website interactions is checked. You do this when you first create your account, if you didn't sign up at the time, you can do so later from my account settings, check the box and save your settings and next time you login you will get the Members Area.

One point to note is sometimes doing this you will get a "this email is already in use" error message, this is due to placing express orders without logging in whilst using the email registered to your account. If you contact us, we can merge your express and standard accounts, you can then sign up to the Members Area.


Part 2 - The Members Screen

When you login you will see your Members Screen, it shows you the amount of store credit you have, called e-wallet funds, your current points total and the current Member Offers. Clicking on the Member Offers image will take you to a screen showing more information about the offers and the full selection currently available.

Please note that points don't make prizes in our scheme, that is you cannot cash them in to buy something, they do something much much better, permanent discounts off the products you buy! That is special pricing for your account. So when you login as a Silver Member you will see the prices on the screen drop by 2% and so on.

{you must be logged in to see the discounted prices}


If you click on the how to earn points button, you will get taken to a screen that shows you have to build up your points total.


Easiest Way to Level Up - Subscribe to the newsletter!

The best way to get a block of points is to subscribe to the company newsletter (please note it can take up to 24 hours for these points to register on your account), we are sending more and more offers and discount codes this way, as well as news of delays and new releases. Just signing up will net you the Bronze discount tier and we shouldn't bother you more than once a week!

The other main way to get points is to buy products and you can also refer all your friends and review hundreds of products to give your account a permanent boost.

The Cashback Element

At Chaos Cards, we have gone one step further with our loyalty program, for our Bronze, Silver and Gold Members you get 3% of your previous months spend paid into your account in the form of store credit, also known as e-wallet funds. The payment happens once each month on the first of the month. When you login to your members area you will see the e-wallet balance is a positive number and can be spent on what you like!

E-wallet funds are only available to be used on orders placed using a credit or debit card. They are unfortunately not able to be used against orders placed by Paypal.

We hope you will enjoy using the loyalty program and if you have any questions, then please do let us know.

Over and Out the Chaos Cards Team!