Do you buy in cards?

Yes we do indeed and you can find our buy list here:

Why isn't every card or game on your buylist?

We often have a very large amount of stock of the common and uncommon cards available, so we generally don't buy those. We do not run a singles service on all games, and therefore do not need to replenish those cards.

Do you buy whole collections?

In certain cases we do, however this is on a case by case basis. In situations where you want to sell a collection in its entirety then it is best to contact us on:

When do I send the cards?

Once you have received the automated email after putting in your buylist, you then send the cards. These are then checked, and if they meet our required mint condition and we have no issues with buying them, payment will be sent as per your chosen method. If we have any issues, we will contact you before proceeding further.

What condition do the cards have to be in?

We accept them in near mint or mint condition. Very rare and expensive cards we will sometimes accept in a lesser condition, this is on a case by case basis.

Can I cancel an order, and will it cost me to do so?

Yes you can, and no it will not. That having been said there are a few things you need to know. If the order has not been dispatched, then there is no issue and we can do that for you easily. If your order has only just been marked as dispatched very recently, then we can usually help. However, we are receiving many post collections each day from the Royal Mail, so it may well be too late to do anything about it. You can of course return unwanted goods via the returns policy.

Can I add to an order that is already confirmed?

Unfortunately, no you cannot add to that specific order. The reason for this is the interaction between our inventory management system and our payment systems, once an order is confirmed it cannot be tampered with. However all is not lost, if you contact, we will try and find a way to accommodate your wishes.

I have made a mistake with my address, can I change it?

As long as the order has not been dispatched then you can indeed change it from the 'my orders' section of your profile. If that does not work, or you are having issues, then please contact our customer services and we will do our best to ensure that it is changed.

Why has your system changed my delivery address?

Our system does not do that, in fact we have to physically go into an order and edit it to make any changes to an address. What has normally happened here is that one of your payment programs is using an Auto Fill and you need to check its settings.

Can I split my order?

The answer is.... yes, we can indeed split your order..... but there is a snag. Doing this may incur extra shipping charges or a reduction in the speed of your postage, because despite wanting to give you fantastic deals, we do still have to pay the postman for each and every order we ship. So as long as you are willing to pay any shipping charges for sections of an order that fall below our free shipping threshold we can split the order for you.

Can I combine two orders and have them shipped together?

As long as they have not been dispatched, or at least not dispatched for more than a few hours, then yes we will send out your orders in the same package. We will also refund you for any excess shipping charges you may have paid. However please note this has to be requested in writing to Without this your orders will be sent in the manner you ordered them.

I have made multiple orders, will they be sent together in the same box?

No, your orders will be dispatched as per your placing of them. This is for proof of postage reasons. However, if you contact our support desk and ask us in writing we will happily send out the orders in the same shipment.


Do you Back Order?

No. If the item is on the site it should be available to send, and if for any reason it is not we will issue you a full refund for it.

When will you restock (x) sealed product?

We are constantly re-ordering items (every week in fact) and looking for new lines to bring in. However due to the nature of the business we are in, the demand for certain products often outstrips the production and we end up waiting for the items to become available with our suppliers. We are given weekly updates as to what is available, but this does mean we often cannot give specific times as to when something will be coming back. Frustrating we know!

The other reason that items may be out of stock, and this is most common with our TCG's, is that the set is no longer in print, so it is sometimes worth checking on the internet if that item is still being produced. If it is no longer being printed, we will not be able to order it from our suppliers.

Why can't I see just the products that are in stock?

You can - on the right hand side of the search bar on the main page of the site is a little check box which says 'Hide out of Stock',  just click that and you will no longer be plagued by those pesky out of stock listings.

When will you restock X single card?

Single cards are not restocked in the same manner as sealed products. It is not a case of simply ordering more of a specific card in. Our singles collections are created the same way that you create your own, by opening a lot of booster packs! This means, just like you we end up with a lot of common cards, slightly less uncommon cards and even less of the rarer (and most popular) cards. So, once they go the only way to restock them is either to open more boosters, or get them in via buy lists! When it comes to older cards from sets not in print, then opening boosters is not an option. Also opening a lot of boosters for a small number of cards is not economical, so we only do it when an entire set is running low! Now to finally answer the question, we cannot give you a clear date, we will restock them as and when we are able to.

Do you, scale, weigh, or tamper with your booster packs?

Okay, we understand the desire to get the 'good' cards, we can also understand the disappointment when that elusive 'shiny' isn't sitting at the back of your booster. We are also aware of the rumours about certain practices found by sellers on certain sites. However we wish to answer this question unequivocally and as emphatically as possible, and our answer is this.. NO! Chaos Cards prides itself on the principles it is run by: fair prices, fast dispatch and excellent service. It is the corner stone on which our whole enterprise is built. Such actions as the ones mentioned above are not only abhorrent to us, but would quickly destroy the reputation we work so hard to maintain. We have not, will not nor ever plan to do anything that could be constituted as 'ripping off' our customers and that is our cast iron promise to you.

Are your products sealed?

Unless stated all products come to you in the same state as they were sent to us by the suppliers - the same state in which they were sent from the manufacturers. So if you are expecting a sealed product, you will be sent a sealed product.

Is this in English?

Unless stated otherwise all of our products are in English, and we will go to great lengths to make it very clear in the product description if it is not.

Do you send out damaged products?

No. We take great pride in our service and only want you to have the best. If you do end up getting a damaged item please contact our customer services and we will get the issue fixed. We do sell some items that are damaged, but these are marked as such on our website and are sold at a discounted price.

In what condition do you send out your single cards?

We advertise most of our single cards as either mint or near mint condition. This means they have either been taken straight from booster packs and stored, or from collections / buy lists that have been checked for their quality. There are some cards we list as “Excellent” or “Played” but these descriptions will be clear from the website. Obviously if you are not satisfied with the condition of your cards then please contact our customer services department.

You don't have this on your site, can you get it in?

We are always looking to find new things, ranges, lines and games for the site. So if you ask we will always look to see if we can. We cannot always promise that we can, but we will do our best.

If it says in stock on your site, is it in stock?

Yes, we only sell what we have physically available and run a live inventory system on the website to show you the numbers. Of course this is a bit of technology so it can go wrong, but to the best of our ability the numbers are accurate. The only time that we do not have the actual stock is when it is a pre-order, then that number shows what we have left of our quota to sell.

How do I contact your customer service team?

You can contact us via email at:,  by telephone on: 01303 278109, using the contact us form on this site, or by instigating a customer request which can be found on your account home page on the left hand side.

When is your customer services open?

We are here from 8:30am to 6:30pm to answer electronic questions, and from 9am to 5:15 pm to answer telephone contacts, Monday to Friday!

How quickly do you answer your messages?

 We aim to answer all messages within one working day of receiving them and nearly always do.

What happens if I contact you over the weekend or in the evenings?

We will aim to reply as quickly as we can on the next available working day.

Will I get a reply if I use social media to get in contact with a problem?

The answer to this is yes, but it is not checked in the same way as our help desk and therefore can take longer for us to come back to you. We are unable discuss anything personal on publicly published forums, nine times out of ten you will be directed to the support email.

Do I get a physical voucher?

No, our vouchers are purely electronic and sent out by an email.

Whose email needs to be filled in on the form when buying a voucher?

It needs to be the email address of the person you want to receive the voucher, and it needs to be the email that they use on our website.

Does the recipient need an account on your site?

Yes, otherwise the E-Wallet funds cannot be applied.

How do you redeem a gift voucher?

To redeem your voucher go to the website, and login to your account. If you have subscribed to the members area, you will see a tab in the middle of the screen inviting you to redeem your vouchers for e-wallet credit. If you do not have it, there will be a tab on the left hand side, called "Your gift vouchers". Click on this tab and follow the on screen instructions.

Will I be charged for an incomplete order?

Simple answer: NO (yes I know we are a company, I know that makes us very good candidates to be Palpatine's right hand man, although we don't get to wear black and carry glowing red laser swords, but we really aren't out to cheat you).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer three payment options: Firstly there is card payment, this can either be a debit or credit card, please note you need to use this option if you want to use any 'E-Wallet' funds you have. Secondly we can offer PayPal as an option, and thirdly we also accept payments using the Amazon Payments system.

Do you keep any form of payment details?

No, in fact we are never privy to any of your payment information and store no details whatsoever.



Can I place orders over the phone?

Unfortunately, that is not a service we offer. We have no access to the payment system so there would be no way for us to charge you for the order. This was chosen as a security feature to ensure that your debit/ credit cards could not be fraudulently charged.

Can I buy from your store?

We do not actually have a store! Chaos Cards is in fact a warehouse and as such we do not have a retail space that you can come and browse in. You can of course place an order over the website and collect, but we cannot sell to you on site.

When will my order be dispatched?

It depends on when you placed it. If orders are placed before 2 pm Monday to Friday then they will be dispatched that very same day. If orders are placed after 2 pm then they will dispatched on the next working day.  Please note working days are considered to be Monday to Friday.

When will my order be dispatched if I place an order after 2 pm on Friday or over the weekend?

Whilst we at Chaos Cards work very hard to get your orders to you as quickly as possible, we do take time off at the weekend. Therefore, if you place an order during this time it will be shipped on the following Monday, selecting special Saturday delivery after this time, will make no difference!

This said, if you call us up to 3pm most days, then we can still usually get your parcel out of the door the same day if it is urgent. We just need to know and cannot guarantee this will happen.

What happens if I place an order after 2 pm on a Friday, or over the weekend, or on a bank holiday weekend?

None of our mail providers have collections on a bank holiday and therefore all orders are dispatched on the next working day, which will be a Tuesday. This does mean that the earliest you will get your items is on a Wednesday, even if you did select a next day delivery on the Monday.

Who delivers your packages?

For the vast majority of our packages the Royal Mail is our chosen mail carrier and is responsible for your delivery. In the case of our courier option, this service is provided usually by Interlink Express. We do also have a UPS Access point service available. For our international customers it is dependent on the postage option that you select and this is laid out in our shipping information.

When will my order arrive?

It depends on what postage you select. Let me explain: for orders over £20 you automatically qualify for the economy Royal Mail postage service. This means you should receive your orders within 3-5 working days after the date of dispatch, please note this does not include Sundays!  If you were to select the Standard 24 service, then delivery is to be expected within 1-3 working days. Of course other shipping options are available (Please see website for details).

Why haven't I received my confirmation, or tracking information?

Our confirmation, dispatch and tracking notifications are sent out by an automated system. These can and often do get caught by some spam/trash folders. So if you are missing a communication it is worth checking there first before thinking that something has gone horribly wrong with your order. Of course if your expected message isn't there, then feel free to get in contact and we will do our utmost to make sure that nothing has gone wrong with your order!

Can I collect my order in store?

This is a nice easy one to answer, and it is yes. If you are lucky enough to be within travelling distance you can come and collect orders directly (which will save you the postage costs). However please note that whilst it says collect in store, we do not actually have a retail store and it is in fact a warehouse.

Why has my collect in store order been marked as dispatched?

Don't panic, our dispatch email system is automated and sends out the same message no matter what postage option was selected. Therefore, all this means is that your order has been printed, and picked and you are welcome to come and get it.

Shipping costs, when is my shipping free? (U.K only)

Our shipping costs are worked out per order and not per item. So if you spend more than £20 you will be entitled to free Economy postage, if you spend £35 or more you will get free Tracked 48 postage, and if you spend over £180 you will get free Next Week Day Courier shipping (all prices include VAT.) The site should automatically default but it is always worth double checking.

What shipping options do you offer?

We have a selection of different shipping methods that we hope will cover all your needs, please go to our delivery information page for detailed information

I have put the wrong address on my order, and it has been dispatched, what can you do?

We will send the packages where we are told to send them and are not responsible for incorrectly given or entered addresses. Our advice here is always double check. That being said often these orders get returned to us as undeliverable or uncalled for by the Royal Mail (although not always) and as soon as they do we will refund you and notify you of the case. You can then replace the order with the correct information.

If you order is going by next day courier (not Royal Mail) it may be possible to reroute your shipment, please contact us if this is the case.

Questions about returns

How do I go about returning goods?

Please see our policies on returning items as listed here:

Where do I get E-Wallet funds from?

The most common source of E-Wallet funds are from the 3% cash back offer that all members get, which is applied at the beginning of every month. However, they can also be gained in the form of store credit. This can be given as an apology for an error, as a payment for a buylist, or as a prize for winning one of our myriad of competitions.

There is no button to select E-Wallet funds, how do I use them?

Using your E-Wallet funds could not be simpler, all you need to do is make an order with a credit or debit card. After you have confirmed the transaction the E- Wallet funds are automatically deducted from the charge made to the card. If the total cost is less that your E-Wallet balance, then no charge is made to the card.

Can I use the E-Wallet funds with any payment method?

Unfortunately not, the E-Wallet system is only compatible with orders made using a credit or debit card. They will not be deducted if you use PayPal, Amazon Payments or Apple Pay and you will be charged the full amount, even if the site seems to give you the option.

I have used a Credit or Debit card, but my E-Wallet funds have not come off, is there a problem?

Firstly, as the E-Wallet deduction is not a discount, it does not show up in the payment summary shown in the 'My Orders' section of your account. However, on the order confirmation E-Mail it will give you a full breakdown, including E-Wallet deductions. If it is still not showing up there please contact and we will investigate for you.

Does a Pre-order guarantee me the item on release date?

The short answer for this is no. Pre-ordering an item means that you have secured a copy of that item. It is a good way of protecting yourself from any short supply issues or high demand items selling out on the day of release.

How do I get my Pre-order on release day?

We tend to ship all new releases on the day before the official release date (although there are a couple of notable exceptions). Therefore if you want your items for the day of release you need to select a next day shipping service. Next day courier (except for bank holidays) and Next day special delivery are a guaranteed next day service. The Royal Mail Tracked 24 service is not, and can take up to two working days to arrive. (However, 95% of the time it does arrive the next working day, including Saturday’s)

How do I get Magic the Gathering items on release day?

Unfortunately, we are contractually bound not to dispatch MTG products until the official release date. Therefore we cannot post your order to you for the day of release. If you are lucky enough to live close by, you can always come and collect your order from our warehouse on release day.

Do you send out Pre-orders as they are released or when they are all in stock?

Okay this is an important one! We ship all orders once ALL items are in stock. So if you order multiple pre-orders with multiple release dates your order will not be dispatched until the last item is available. The reason for this is down to the postage costs, by combining all your orders into one, you can save on postage charges, the downside is you are paying for one delivery and therefore have to wait for all the items to be available.

What happens if my pre-order is delayed?

In the situation where a product is not released in time, or is delayed in some way, we will do our best to inform you of the situation, although we are quite often given no more information than the general public. This will be via email to the address used on your order. This email will explain the situation and how we are going to proceed. If orders are split, you will not be charged any extra postage. Please note that most of our emails are dispatched by an automated system and can end up in your Spam and Trash folders, so it is always worth a check to see if they are hiding there.

When do you send pre-orders that do not have a set release date?

Fantasy Flight Games (as well as others) have a habit of giving very vague release dates (usually a quarter). In these cases we will ship the new release the moment we are able to do so. In some cases, due to when the stock is delivered to our warehouse, this may be on the day after they are available in bricks and mortar retail outlets.

What shipping do you send your pre-orders out on?

All pre-orders are shipped using the postal options selected by yourselves. Please note that the shipping module will default to either Economy or Tracked 48 shipping, and if you want a different service you will have to select it.

What happens if I order both pre-order and in stock items on the same order?

Due to the way that our shipping costs work (and the free shipping offers) any order will not be dispatched until ALL of the items are in stock. So any in stock items on a pre-order will be reserved but not dispatched until the release of the pre-order items. If you do want the in stock items before this date it is best to place two (or more) separate orders. We can split them after the event if you change your mind, but this may incur postage charges.

When is the money taken for my pre-order?

We do not keep any form of payment information when a customer places an order. This means that we are not able to charge your accounts at a later date. Therefore, all payments are taken AT THE POINT OF ORDER and not as the items are released.

What payment methods can I use when placing a pre-order?

Technically you can use any of the three payment methods we have available when placing your pre-order.

However please note that Amazon Payments requires orders to be shipped within 30 days or Amazon cancel the order. Therefore we would prefer it if you did not use this method when placing a Pre Order for any items that are due to be released in more than 30 days.

What happens if the price changes in the time I am waiting for my Pre Order?

Unfortunately, quite often when pre-orders are put up the market price has not settled. This means that there can be changes in the price. If you have placed an order and the price later drops, we will honour the new price and refund you the difference, but please contact us to arrange this. If the price goes up, then we will honour the initial price you have paid and you will not be charged more.

If you have seen a lower price, then wait to order and the price has gone up in the meantime, then we are sorry to say that we will not be able to offer the previous price.

Why do your sales always have such odd names?

We have a rather esoteric and eclectic taste in referential humour in the office, and our sale names are always a reference to something, call it a game to see if you can work them out!

When do you start them?

Unlike other companies, we do not run a set time table for when we put on a sale so this is not a question we can give a firm answer to. However, do not worry when we do start one we will shout about it via our site, newsletter and social media.

Do your discount codes work with sale items?

No, in the main they do not. When we do put on a sale we are usually offering the very best price we can without ruining the company.

I have just ordered this, and now it is on sale, is there anything you can do?

Our sales have to start at some time, and there are always a few people that will get caught out, but it is not our intention to do this to you.


What happens if I missed it?

I am sorry, but once sale items are gone, they are gone. Hopefully you will be able to catch something you like in the next one.

Do I have to sign up to join your membership scheme?

The short answer here is yes. We do not automatically sign people up to the scheme and you have to choose to join.

Does it cost anything to join the scheme?

No, the members scheme is totally free, and totally optional as to whether you wish to take part.

I have signed up for the newsletter, but not gotten the points, is there a problem?

The 5,000 points for signing up to the newsletter do not appear instantaneously, and can take up to 24 hours to appear on your account. So if you signed up today and they are not showing, don't panic! If you have been signed up for longer than 24 hours and they haven't shown, then there may be an issue and you should contact

When (and where) are the Members discount newsletters sent out?

 There is no set date as to when we send them. However, we aim to have the newsletters with that month’s discount codes sent out within the first week of that month. Please understand that we are only human and if there is a large release in that week it may be towards the end of the week that they go out.

Do the discount codes work on all products?

We tend to send out codes that work with specific groups of products, and all the details will be in the newsletter. However, it should be noted that discount codes generally do not work with items that are already on sale (as denoted by a red price on our site) and will not apply to a basket with this in.

Can I use this month's discount codes on a pre-order item?

Unfortunately, the answer on this one is a flat no. The reason for this is that we do not think it is fair to penalise customers who have placed pre-orders for items before the codes are distributed.

How long do my points last?

Points that are gained from making purchases currently last for 365 days. Points gained from reviews, completing your profile and signing up to the newsletter are permanent and do not run out. It should be noted that because purchase points expire it is possible to go to a lower membership if you have not been active on your account for a while.

I have forgotten to login when making a purchase, is it still possible to get my points added?

As long as you have not used a different email address to the one registered on your account then yes it is possible to merge the orders. However, if you have used a different email then there is nothing we can do. The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure you are logged in :).

When is my Bronze cash back applied?

The cash back bonus was retired on 1st July 2020 in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the new web platform. 

Why is my Silver Member discount not showing up?

The silver member discount was retired on 1st July 2020. Silver members do receive an exclusive email each month with discount codes. 

So, what do I get for being a Gold Member?

Free expedited shipping over £50 and exclusive discount codes each month.