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Future Card Buddyfight Massive Range at Great Prices

Future Card Buddyfight Massive Range at Great Prices

Featuring monsters from all kinds of worlds, the Future Card Buddyfight trading card game builds on the world we see in the Buddyfight anime series. The Buddyfight trading card game is the third major TCG release in the UK from Bushiroad. After the debut of the anime series and Buddyfight trading cards in 2014, Future Card Buddyfight has gathered a cult following among Japanese TCG gamers. Check out our range of Buddyfight singles and Buddyfight booster packs at Chaos Cards.

Future Card Buddyfight is the third major TCG released by Bushiroad into the UK Market.

The Buddyfight cards game made its explosive debut back in January 2014 and since then it has developed a dedicated following. Buddyfight cards feature magical monsters and powerful spells so you can confuse your opponents and thwart their plans with spell counters and monster effects.

As usual you can expect to see support from Chaos Cards in the form of fantastic prices on Buddyfight Cards Booster Boxes and Trial Decks.

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