Do you, scale, weigh, or tamper with your booster packs?

Okay, we understand the desire to get the 'good' cards, we can also understand the disappointment when that elusive 'shiny' isn't sitting at the back of your booster. We are also aware of the rumours about certain practices found by sellers on certain sites. However we wish to answer this question unequivocally and as emphatically as possible, and our answer is this.. NO! Chaos Cards prides itself on the principles it is run by: fair prices, fast dispatch and excellent service. It is the corner stone on which our whole enterprise is built. Such actions as the ones mentioned above are not only abhorrent to us, but would quickly destroy the reputation we work so hard to maintain. We have not, will not nor ever plan to do anything that could be constituted as 'ripping off' our customers and that is our cast iron promise to you.