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Dice & Dice Bags

Dice & Dice Bags

Whether you’re playing a board game, an RPG game or a miniature wargame, the chances are that you’re going to need gaming dice. We have a huge selection of gaming dice and dice bags here at Chaos Cards that includes everything from four to twenty sided dice, as well as special gaming dice and full polyhedral gaming dice sets. Our gaming dice bags will keep your dice protected and from getting lost in between games, so don’t forget to pick out a dice bag to suit your game.

No matter what kind of tabletop game you’re playing, you’re likely to need dice as part of your gameplay. Here at Chaos Cards, we stock a huge range of gaming dice to suit all of your favourite board games, RPG games and wargames.

Popular Gaming Dice

There’s no one size fits all approach to gaming dice, meaning you may need different dice depending on the game you’re playing - whether that means branded gaming dice or gaming dice with a specific amount of sides. You can browse gaming dice individually in our collection if you’re searching for special dice, or you can even invest in a polyhedral dice set to ensure you always have the right gaming dice for any gameplay.

Our Dice Bags

If you’re a big gamer, you’ve probably got a pretty extensive collection of gaming dice. Keep your dice safe in a special dice bag from our selection - designed to prevent scratches and other surface damage, and to prevent them from becoming lost! Browse even more essential gaming accessories here at Chaos Cards today.