Introducing the Chaos Cards Chess Department

Welcome to the Chaos Cards Chess department, here you'll find a plethora of boards, sets, bags, clocks and for the winners, of course, medals! Whether you're an absolute beginner or an aspiring pro, look no further as we've got all the pieces you need to bring your game on!

You can make your own combination or choose from one of our pre-made sets, the choice is yours. The individual bags, pieces and boards have been specifically picked to work with each other and are the correct sizes. 

If social media is your thing, then wow we have a treat for you! Read on below for details of our Instagram competition (hint it involves medals!) 

Until next time, may all your checks be mates!.....


Chess Tournament Starter Kit

Chaos Special - Chess Tournament Starter Kit

For the budding tournament organiser we've put together a Chess deal that is abundant with value. If you purchased all the items separately our normal list price is £96.40. We're offering this bundle at £89.95! Including free tracked delivery if you live in the U.K.

The bundle costs of 

4 X Tournament grade Chess Sets (King 3 3/4" tall)
4 X Tournament approved Vinyl Black and White Square Chess Boards (20" X 20")
4 X Cotton Drawstring Storage Bags
4 X Tournament Analogue Chess Clock (Wood)

If you want to add a bit more fun, we even sell a selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze coloured medals that you can buy separately for your tournament!

A Medal Ceremony for Instagram!

Instagram share a picture competition

Roll up Roll up, unfurl your boards and set up your pieces to strike a pose! It's our first ever Chess Instagram competition at Chaos Cards! Simply take a picture of yourself proudly adoring your chess set with one of our three medals, and share it with the hashtag #chaoscardschess. We'll pick one lucky winner each month, who will receive a £20 discount coupon (no minimum spend) to purchase more Chess!

All you need to do is:

  • Share your photo showing our Chess set and medal.
  • Tag us @chaoscards
  • Use the hashtag #chaoscardschess

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Social Clubs

Are you posting from a school, college, university or small social club? Well we'd love to see where our sets end up and play witness to the camaraderie or for the more competitive amongst you, the brutal gladiatorial bloodletting! We partner with Schools, Colleges, Universities and Clubs for our trading card games, so if you're interested in partnering with us for Chess, then please send an email to


Instagram Competition

Make your own Chess Set!

Choose your Pieces

All the pieces you see are sized for tournament play, the King measures at 3 3/4 " tall. You can buy a set that gives you Black and White pieces or opt to make your own custom colour combination by choosing from our 1/2 sets, Red and Blue for instance. 

And now your board.....

Sized to work nicely with our range of pieces we've several different styles of board to satiate your Chess requirements! We have Vinyl boards (which is the standard) and if you've played Chess at school you are probably familiar with these. For those who like to add a bit of difference, we have Rubber backed boards, that look and feel like a mouse mat and grip tabletops really nicely. Finally we have the Silicon board which is a novelty and feels really smooth!

A stylish bag for the pieces!

We have a nice variety of differing bag styles, from the cord effect drawstring to the leatherette pouch. The Quiver bags can also hold the board (rolled up) as well as the pieces. 

Go competitive with a Clock!

Now that you are setup with what you need for your next game, you may want to consider adding some much needed spice to the match with a new clock! We have classic analogue devices with a flag that falls when you run out of time and contemporary digital designs that time to the second. 

3 Player and even 4 Player Chess!

High quality metal pieces

If you want to splash the cash and obtain some high quality metal pieces with a lovely weight and finish, you've come to the right place! Compatible with any 20" or larger board. The pieces are larger than the other sets, the King stands around 4 1/2" tall (11cm) and you'll need one of the larger pieces bag to accommodate the set, such as that below.

Ready made Chess Sets

Finally, we have some we made earlier! We'll they were shipped to us this way! We have Magnetic Chess sets, travel Chess sets and even a 7 in 1 games set, with you guessed it! Chess! 

If you want your Chess set to be tres grande, check out (!) the Garden Set, the King is about 8" tall. It's waterproof, so great outdoors and also fitting indoors if you have a large table! We have one in the office, the team love it at lunchtimes and it is hard to miss!