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Whether you’re
just keen to try out the TCG, having played Pokemon Go for some time, or having seen Pokemon games in-progress and want to give it a go for yourself, or you’re looking to get into the professional scene, we’ve got something to suit every Pokemon player’s budget and style of play.

Below you’ll find the latest Pokemon products available for pre-order, such as new booster sets, decks, elite trainer boxes, blister boosters, tins and pin collections boxes. If you’re looking for bargains, our special offers are listed below and you can check out our Discounts as well.

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Pokemon Special Offers

Great deals on selected Pokemon products. The majority of our discount codes work with sale items, meaning you can make even more savings on Pokemon products!


The Pokemon Shop

As one of the top 350 UK Internet companies, we are proud to offer a vast range of Pokemon products, from starter decks, to booster boxes, Pokemon collection boxes and tins, single cards, accessories and plush toys – there’s something for every Pokemon fan. We have huge deals on Pokemon products and offer monthly discounts to our Gold & Silver members.

Extra offers and discount codes run in conjunction with our Gold & Silver discounts and as well as selling these awesome products, we’re also fans of the Pokemon trading card game, so we’ll always make sure to package your order with care and we’re here to help if you need any advice on what to buy for the Pokemon fan in your life.

Featured Single Cards

Check out the whole range of Pokemon single cards here.


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