X Wing: Yavin Open 2017

Harrison Sharp has come back to us with his battle report of last month’s Yavin Open tournament! This was a Star Wars X-Wing event held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, with competitors fighting for the chance to play at the Coruscant Invitational at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando on 13th April! So is Harri going to Orlando next month? Read on to find out:


Welcome back, fellow pilots! This year I had the pleasure of attending the Yavin Open. Last year I had other event commitments that stopped me from going to the System Open. Needless to say, I was bummed out, and I made it my mission to not miss this one. I’m very glad I didn’t, as I met a lot of great people and had a great day. So let’s get down to what I ran and how the main event went!

As you can see, my list hasn’t changed much from what I took to Regionals, but this time I corrected my mistake of putting Swarm Leader on Vessery and returned to my tried and true Stealth Device on Omega Leader. There’s been a bit of a debate over Stealth Device over Hull Upgrade for as long as I can remember, but my belief has always been that on a 3 Agility ship, Stealth Device is better. It works doubly well with Omega Leader, as you want to deter people from shooting at her.

Tom surprised me with a lovely gift of a Glitterstim token at the beginning of the match. In exchange I offered him some sweets, taking solace in the fact that, while his gift was better, my gift wouldn’t descend into a lifelong habit ending up in me selling a kidney for my next hit! The rocks were set up in a circle around the left hand side of the board, with a further rock cornered in the top right. I set up in the bottom left to joust the Twin Laser Turret Y Wings, while Tom set his Dengar up towards the right hand side. It looked like we had the same plan of having the initial engagement in the middle of the ring of rocks and we went for it. Tom made his hate of Ryad clear in the first salvo, so I decided to disengage her, flying her onto a rock in exchange for getting into range 1 of both Y Wings an out of the arc of one. I had been focusing on the lead Y for the first engagement, but Omega Leader managed to wind up out of arc for the second shot. Having Dengar locked I decided to do something silly and take a shot into him in arc. I felt confident that my Focus, Evade and 4 Agility would keep me safe, even in range one. I blank out my attack, but Tom does the same on his revenge shot, meaning Vessery can use Omega Leader’s Target Lock and do some damage at Dengar. I got a single hit through as Tom put the hurt on Vessery, but also split his fire with Dengar, shooting at Ryad. Next turn my gutsy move with Ryad paid off, as I could K turn behind the Y Wings and give chase, while a great block from Tom saw Vessery unable to K turn and get burnt down even more. I blocked out Dengar with Omega Leader in return, and we ended the turn with Tom’s damaged Y Wing getting chased by Ryad and Omega Leader playing blocker as Tom tried to reposition Dengar. Tom in turn was chasing down a 2 hit Vessery with his healthy Y Wing. Vessery went down in flames in the same turn the damaged Y Wing died, but I’d manged to kite his other Y Wing to the top right of the board while his Dengar was repositioning in the opposite corner. I chased down the remaining Y Wing and manage to get it onto a few hull remaining before he can re-join Dengar in the top left. With the combined firepower of Omega Leader and Ryad, the Y Wing went down in flames in short order and I end up chasing Dengar down without fear of Dengar’s revenge shot, which is what I had hoped for in the beginning.

Win 100-35

I was pretty confident going into this match up. I knew that I needed to burn down the Decimator and just mop up the Defender afterwards, and Rob happily obliged by throwing it straight at me! We started with three rocks down the right hand side of the board, two on the left and one in the middle. I set up on the left, Rob on the right. I turned in and slow rolled for a good joust with the Decimator at range 1 and the Defender at range 3. I got the bump on the Decimator, forcing him to Stress himself out in order to show me the dark side with Kylo. It also meant that Lone Wolf wasn’t in play, as I had stopped Rob from getting the range he needed. Rob got unlucky and even with HotCop and Gunner, didn’t manage to sneak any damage through to Ryad. Next turn I K turned Ryad, 3 turned Vessery as a rock was blocking the K and I thought I could block Maarek onto a rock, and then waited to see what happened as I had given away Initiative. I got the block on Maarek and Chirpy smashed into the front of Omega Leader, using Dauntless again to nab an action, which was a Target Lock on Ryad. Omega Leader then K turned behind the Decimator, ready to lay in some hurt. Rob’s dice once again betrayed him and he was unable to get any damage into Ryad, while I spent the turn putting more hurt into the Decimator. At this point I was in the perfect position to chase, and that’s what I did! Rob never got into the position to remove the Stress from the Decimator and, without the ability to boost away or use Lone Wolf, got burnt down very quickly! After that, it was just a case of jousting down the Defender.

Win 100-0

I had been worrying about facing off against this list, as I hadn’t had a chance to practice against it and knew it was a pretty solid counter to my Defenders. The rocks were scattered around the board, with two in the middle and the others hanging somewhere around the corners. Pete set up to joust with Ketsu and put Bossk in the centre to cover me jousting or running. I decided to run and try to pull Ketsu out of position, but foolishly second-guessed myself and turned back around a turn too late, letting Pete get a free round of shots on Vessery. I decided to do something crazy, as I knew I was already on the back foot, and turned Vessery over the rocks in an attempt to block out Bossk and avoid a shot. I K turned Ryad and turned Omega Leader in. My plan worked, but Pete just switched targets to Ryad! Vessery was stuck going over rocks for the next two turns to get back into the fight, but surprisingly didn’t take any damage. Ryad got the full brunt of Bossk’s cluster missiles next round and promptly exploded, however the combined fire of Omega Leader and Vessery managed to put a crit through onto Ketsu, making her Pilot Skill 0. Ketsu disengaged and I decided to move in on Bossk, as I could get a couple of rounds without Ketsu in the picture. Bossk got dropped down to hull while Ketsu got back into the fight. We ended up in the corner I started in, me desperately trying to avoid Bossk’s arc, while Ketsu re-joins the fray. Pete expertly blocked out Vessery to get the shot with Bossk, taking him off the board, while Omega Leader reduced Ketsu down to one hit remaining. Omega Leader then escaped to re-engage Ketsu without giving Bossk a good shot, but Pete managed to anticipate it and blocked Omega to give Bossk the shot he needed. Game over, man!

Loss 49-100

Let me just say that I love this list! I am known to run two M3-As with this load out in a squad of my own, so I know how much heavy lifting they can do (pun intended). I knew that Ian had taken this list to the Top 8 in a Regional this year, so I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy match. While it wasn’t easy, it was definitely my most enjoyable match of the tournament. Hats off to Ian who was a great opponent and made this match a blast, especially as it was such a close game. We set up the rocks in two diagonal sets of three on Ian’s side of the board, creating a corridor down the middle. Of course we couldn’t resist jousting down the middle of it! The opening engagement went a little wrong for both of us, with my Vessery just out of range of Manaroo and one of Ian’s Scyks, who were hanging around at the back, out of range of my ships. Ryad got a battering from Roo and the other Scyk, while Roo got smashed by Ryad and Omega Leader at range 1. I decided to disengage with Ryad, 3 turning out of the rocks, while the rest of my squad tried to lay some hurt down and avoid the Anti-Pursuit Lasers on Roo. My plan worked, but Ryad took another hit on the way out. At this point Ian sent his Scyks after Ryad toward my end of the board. In return I chased Roo with my other ships to the top of the board! Ryad and Roo died in the same turn and we met back in the middle to re-engage. We jousted, turned, and then started to furball up in the middle of the rocks! Ian had wisely chosen to try and drop Omega Leader first, so with only one hull remaining I baited him into chasing her. I managed to dodge arcs and get into a position where I could finally turn around and take out one of the Scyks, but time was running low, as was the health on my ships! Time was called and Ian had his other Scyk on 2 hull, while Omega Leader was on one and Vessery was on two. What a game!

Win 73-36

I was quietly confident going into this game, as I know how squishy Duchess can be! I lost the roll for Initiative, but still felt I had the tools to win. The rocks were set up in a circle, with one directly in the middle of the board, and we set up for the joust on the right hand side. Andrew put the Shuttle into a position to block and I, misjudging my distances ever so slightly, obliged. With the combined firepower of Rexler and Duchess, Ryad went away. I was instantly put on the back foot, but tried to stick with my plan of dropping the Shuttle, especially as Duchess was constantly evading as her action! What happened next I would like to say was a masterclass in blocking with my Omega Leader, while Vessery continued to plink away at the Shuttle. Andrew could never get both Aces in arc to concentrate fire on my ships, and the Shuttle had to resign itself to running away! I dropped the Shuttle to 2 hull remaining before it turned the corner, and got set up to finish the job. Three turns at range one later and it was still sitting there on 2 hull! Needless to say, I was gutted! By this time I’d run out of tricks with Omega Leader and had to engage his Aces. The Shuttle got away, and the game with it.

Loss 14 – 100

My first competitive game against the dreaded Parratanni, and it’s none other than Simeon of the Weekend Warlords! I would have been a little disheartened by the draw, as I knew this was going to be the toughest match I’d had all day, but Simeon is a true gent and made the game a truly enjoyable experience, despite – spoiler alert – kicking my teeth in! The rocks were set up in a semi-circle around Simeon’s side of the board, with one rock in the middle at range 2 of his board edge. Manaroo and Asajj set up on the left hand side, I set up on the right. I knew better than to joust Parratanni! Fenn set up in the middle, so I made the decision to joust Fenn at an angle and hope for one of my ships to be out of arc with some Barrel Roll shenanigans. It worked almost perfectly, with Fenn jousting Ryad and Vessery out of arc. Omega Leader had Fenn locked down, so I was feeling pretty confident. Then I found out Vessery was out of arc! The opening joust saw Fenn lose a hull and Ryad lose a shield, then Asajj and Manaroo got into the fray. Asajj was running laps around the board while Roo had decided to come into the rocks to play. I knew I had one more turn to try and get Fenn, or the game was going to slip away from me! We dropped dials and Simeon said “This move has either won or lost me the game”. I turned Omega Leader to face Asajj and Focus up, expecting Fenn to blitz past me over a rock. As it was, Simeon had dialled in the 2 Talon Roll, dropping him straight onto the rock and at range 1 of Vessery! Long story short, Fenn got away unscathed. With both Asajj and Manaroo laying down fire to cover Fenn’s escape, he slipped away, and I saw my chances of winning go with him. Simeon then proceeded to expertly hunt down Vessery and grind her down, followed by Omega Leader and then Ryad. I made a mistake by splitting my ships trying to reposition from the joust with Fenn and got rightly punished for it, letting Simeon play the game out how he wanted it to from that point out. The game was a lot of fun, however, and I definitely took away several hard lessons learned.

Loss 0-100

Rudi took Initiative, which was good for me as I wanted to have the repositioning afforded to me by Barrel Roll or Ryad, but also good for Rudi as he could then be assured that he’d get all of his Focus tokens. We had four rocks in the corners, one in the middle of my range 2 and one smack bang in the middle of the board! Rudi dropped his ships on the left hand side and I set up to joust. Rudi turned away and I blitzed forward to begin the chase! I got a good opening engagement at range 3 of Biggs to stop Kanan from being able to drop my dice, then closed in to finish the job. Biggs died in Rudi’s right corner, leaving a 1 hull Ryad and the rest of my squad to chase down the Ghost. Ryad died next turn, laying three more damage into the Ghost, and Rudi started to work on Vessery. The Ghost made it to the middle of my board edge before exploding and dropping the Shuttle. Next turn it explodes too. Rudi got very unlucky with his turn of dropping Countermeasures, where he had a range 1 focused shot against Omega Leader, scoring five hits. Omega Leader then rolled all paint and dodged the lot of it! This was a good game to finish the day on, as Rudi was an extremely relaxed player. After six other games that day and the time getting to 10pm, I was definitely glad of such a pleasant opponent to round off a brilliant day.

Win 100-36

So that covers my first System Open. I missed the graduated cut by one game, going 4 and 3 on the day. I still got a set of Target Locks though, which was my target (pun once again intended) going into the day. I’m still a little on the back foot with list building, trying and failing to make a more than 3 ship build that works against the big lists in the meta at the moment, and I think that has shown in my recent tournament results. At least now I have plenty of time to get used to the new ships before the next big tournament! So this is me signing off for now, but I will be back soon with more articles about my current musings on my recent list crisis and what I’m doing to try to get over this hump. Until then, fly casual!


Thanks to Harri for his great articles, and keep an eye on our store Facebook page to find out what Star Wars X Wing Organised Play events we’ll be hosting!

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