X-Wing : The Force Awakens

Force Friday has hit hard in the Chaos Cards HQ with the announcement of the new X-Wing core set, the Force Awakens, while —as any other X-Wing fans— we were aware of the rumours of a new core set coming we thought that, in the best scenario, would be hitting our shelves on time for the release of the new movie but we definitely were not expecting it to happen now.

But here we are, with a limited release at select Force Friday locations and hundreds of calls and messages asking for the availability, well, now we can answer that, our distributors have confirmed that everything will be ready to rock’n’roll on the 18th of September and I can tell you that I am as excited as you about it. I cannot wait to put my hands over the new ships and upgrades, the new T-70 X-Wing getting one extra shield point and the ability to boost and equip the new tech upgrades for only 3 extra points over the old X-Wings looks awesome, and the new TIE/F0 Fighters receive one extra shield, the target lock option and being able to equip tech upgrades for 3 extra points again (without forgetting that look like both ships will receive new movement dials!). And just thinking what Tycho Celhu can do with the new Wired upgrade card paired with Push the limit (thanks to the A-Wing Test Pilot) make me start drooling.

But apart of all the nasty combos that all of you are willing to try the new core set come with the expected maneuver templates, attack and defence dice and  zillions of tokens. Also a new design of asteroids and a new damage deck that promise to be a real change to our games.

X-Wing, the Force Awaken


For any of you worried about how the new options fits with the rest of X-Wing just said that the squad building rules has been revised so that you can pair your Resistance and First Order (the new two factions) ships with those from the game’s other factions:

  • You can pair your Resistance starships with those of the Rebel Alliance
  • You can command your First Order pilots and starfighters into battle alongside the ships and pilots of the Galactic Empire.
  • The galaxy’s Scum and Villainy include a notorious blend of pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters.

When you build a squad, you choose one of these three groups and can use any of its ships, pilots, and upgrades.

So man your ships, move into attack position, lock your targets and get ready to fight for the fate of the galaxy in a new era!

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