X Wing: Heroes of the Resistance – Terrors of the Wallet!

TO Harrison Sharp eagerly looks forward to X Wing’s next offering, Heroes of the Resistance, going over what we already know from the early previews, and what we’re just guessing about!


Greetings, fellow pilots! Your friendly Recon Specialist is back in the pilot seat and ready to lead you through an area of space we know little about: Heroes of the Resistance!
We’ve all seen the multitude of Poe Dameron repaints that have hit the table over the last year, after Paul Heaver and Nathan Eide both took him to the top table at Worlds. We’ve all heard the question “When will FFG release a new Falcon with the square dish?” Now the penny has dropped and the wait has an end in sight, which according to FFG is the third quarter of 2016. By my calculations that’s FFG speak for “you’ll get it by Christmas”.
So what do we get in this pack? Let’s break it down into the two ships and the upgrades that we’ve seen so far:

T70XWing2-FatheadBlack One

A new T70 X Wing pack with a brand new model – just about – and a brand new paint job to boot! We’ve already seen what this ship can do on the table, with the likes of Red Ace and Poe Dameron dominating the Meta after last year’s Worlds, so we won’t go into the dial or ship, but more into what we’ve seen of the new pilots and upgrades for this ship. In all honesty this isn’t a lot, but what we have seen has sparked a bit of debate. It’s a good thing the Emperor dissolved the senate, because the question is a thorny one!
Poe Dameron is the new pilot spoiled, but instead of the Poe we have now, he has gone up to Pilot Skill 9 and costs an extra two points. There’s no doubt after the killing spree he went on in the new film, Poe rightfully deserves to be PS9 instead of 8, but is that really worth an extra two points? I believe so, as the jump from PS8 to 9 gives you a massive benefit, especially with all of these PS8 “pocket” Imperial Aces flying around. Moving after the likes of Omega Leader and the Inquisitor is a huge boost to Poe, and you see enough of them on the table to really justify the extra two points spent on your Ace ship. As Poe can now be PS9, it means the need to put Veteran Instincts on him has been reduced, allowing you to use his Elite Pilot Talent slot for a more offensive upgrade. Poe always suffered from not being hugely consistent in his damage output, and because he can’t reliably survive an alpha strike to make it into the end game, our man has seen a decline in the Meta-game. Being able to put Push the Limit or Predator onto him should help him arc dodge those pesky Jumpmasters without having to sacrifice his damage output.
Speaking about increasing the T70’s survivability, let’s look at the other spoiled T70 card, the Black One Title. This title allows you to remove an enemy’s Target Lock from a friendly ship at range 1, after performing a Boost or Barrel Roll. This really takes some of the fear out of certain Imperial Aces, like Vader, the Inquisitor and Omega Leader, who all rely on Target Locks for their abilities to work, or to get the most out of their action economy. Even Whisper and the Ghost are affected, as they rely on the Target Lock from Fire Control System to keep their damage output up against regenerating Aces like Poe. For a single point, and with no other titles for the T70 to choose from, there really is no reason why you wouldn’t take this title. The only downside is that you have to be above PS6 to equip it.

xwing-falcon-poeThe Millennium Falcon

The fastest heap of junk in the galaxy is back, and it has a new look! The differences between the models are much more noticeable here, bringing the Falcon up to date with the new movie. Once again, we get a named pilot revealed in the article, this time in the form of the Pilot Skill 8 Rey. Her ability allows you to re-roll up to two of your blank attack or defence dice if the enemy is in your firing arc, keeping along the current trend of making you keep your enemies inside a turreted ship’s arc. This is a great ability which makes you fly the Falcon in a completely different way to how you usually would. As you already have your re-rolls, it opens up the Elite Pilot Talent slot to allow you to take Veteran Instincts and bump Rey up to Pilot Skill 10. This allows her to react to what everyone else is doing, which is very helpful for a large-based ship with an Engine Upgrade equipped.
It’s even more helpful for the new Falcon, as you get a new Falcon Title in this pack which allows you to list lazily to the left in style! The title reads “After you execute a 3-speed bank manoeuvre, if you are not touching another ship and you are not stressed, you may receive one stress token to rotate your ship 180°.” This allows you to perform a Segnor’s Loop retroactively, which is brilliant for Rey, who wants her target to stay in arc. If you put Kanan Jarrus Crew onto the Falcon, you can then clear the stress from your impromptu Sloop and perform an action, say a boost backwards, perhaps? Or maybe just a Focus to further augment your ability to re-roll blanks. Either way, this makes your Pilot Skill 10 Rey extremely manoeuvrable!
Finally I’m going to mention the two cards that, while not spoiled yet, have got everyone really excited for this release. I’m talking about the Smuggler’s Compartment and its accompanying Illicit Upgrade. You heard me right, an Illicit Upgrade in a Rebel expansion! It can be made out that the Smuggler’s Compartment is a YT1300-only and something else – people are betting it’s the YT2400 – only Modification that gives you an Illicit Upgrade slot. You also seem to be able to take another Modification, but there is a caveat to doing so. Throwing on Glitterstim or some Inertial Dampers onto Rey will be extremely good, as she can’t re-roll Focus results and wants to keep ships in arc for as long as possible. In fact, any Falcon that has taken Lone Wolf as its Elite Pilot Talent will greatly benefit from being able to use Glitterstim. It really is one hell of a drug!
The Illicit upgrade that seems to be behind the Smuggler’s Compartment looks to be called something like Burst of Speed and gives your action bar the SLAM action, but is Limited and has some sort of caveat, which is believed to be discarding the card after you use it. A one-shot SLAM action is nothing to be sniffed at, as that one SLAM can get you out of a swarm that is kill-boxing your Falcon and burning it down.

That’s all of the cards that we’ve seen from this pack, as well as a couple of thoughts on some of the cards we can make out from the article. I for one am looking forward to seeing what this pack brings to the Rebel faction, as well as SLAMing my YV-666 around the board like some kind of supercharged party bus! So until next time, fly casual!

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