X Wing: Has Wave 11 Got Legs?

Last week saw the announcement of X Wing’s Wave 11, and naturally Harrison Sharp has already read the preview article and everything else that has been posted about it! He’s giving us his take on the new ships, what has been revealed about them, and how he thinks they will impact the game:


Welcome back, all you Outer Rim Smugglers, Wild Space Fringers and other such people who, if you’re anything like me, don’t get as much game time as they would like! Today we’re going to be looking at the next wave of X Wing ships, Wave 11. I’ve got to say, for only three ships there’s a lot to get through, so let’s get cracking!

Auzituck Gunship Expansion Pack

Right out of the gate we get the generic pilot, the Pilot Skill 1 Kashyyk Defender, spoiled for this little guy; so we already know that for 24 points you get a stat line of 3 Attack, 1 Agility, 6 Hull and 3 Shields, and access to the Focus and – wait for it – Reinforce Actions!

That’s right; one of the best Actions you can take for your Epic ships is now on one of the smallest ships to date! Although this ship has a slightly less powerful version of the Action, the fact that it’s on a small-based ship will actually make it easier to keep your vulnerable un-Reinforced side out of harms’ way. Add into this the fact that the Wookie love boat has two Crew slots and you’ve got yet another cheap crew carrier that’s going to hang around for a very long time on the table. It would also be remiss of me to not mention that this ship has a 180⁰ firing arc, as this is the first small-based ship to sport one! From my days flying three YV-666’s, I know how nasty those arcs can be, especially if you throw a Tactician onto them. I can see this ship doing very well, as with that Reinforce Action, it’s going to hang around longer than the YV, which already sees a lot of play, and will be able to fill a similar role for five points less.

As for Upgrade cards, we only get to see one: the Rebel only Wookie Commandos. For a single point and two Crew slots, you can reroll any Focus results while attacking. To say this card looks underwhelming … well, actually that says it all. You will find a much better use for your two Crew slots than this guy, even if you’re constantly Reinforcing. Rey would work really well here instead, as would Jyn Erso and Experimental Interface. Jyn works especially well with that enlarged arc, as would Finn if you really wanted to make this ship put out some hurt. If you are going down the Experimental Interface route, you could look into some of the Rebel Crew who work with stress, like Nien Numb, Kyle Katarn, Kanan Jarrus or Ezra Bridger. But until we see what the dial looks like for this ship, I would hate to guess which of these four would work best.

Scurrg H-6 Bomber Expansion Pack

This ship is my pick of the Wave to see a lot of top tier play. Not only is it in the Scum and Villainy faction, who are everyone’s darlings at the moment, it’s got an Upgrade bar that looks like it will have everything you’re ever going to need! At 24 points, you get a Pilot Skill 1 Karthakk Pirate with 3 Attack, 1 Agility, 5 Hull and 5 Shields. That’s very comparable to the Auzituck Gunship; however, that’s where the similarities end, as the H-6 has Focus, Target Lock and Barrel Roll on the bar, and a whole plethora of Upgrade slots. Turret, Torpedo, Missile, Crew and two Bomb slots mean this ship can carry some pretty heavy ordinance, and its Title increases that even further.

The Havoc Title sacrifices your Crew slot for a Systems slot and a Salvaged Astromech slot which can only be used for unique droids. I can see this being the trade of choice if you want this ship to sport a lot of ordinance, as you’ll be able to re-acquire your Target Lock for your next volley. Alternatively, if the dial has a lot of green on it, you may want to invest in a K4 Security Droid instead. Talking of the dial, we can see a 4 forwards and a 3 Talon Roll, which probably explains why it has to be a unique droid (Green Talon Rolls would be ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree, Countess Ryad?).

Finally, we’ve got one more trick that this ship has up its sleeve: its Pilot Skill 8 Pilot, Captain Nym. Good old Nym can switch sides and join the Rebel team, opening up all sorts of Sabine bombing shenanigans alongside some K Wings! I’m personally looking forward to using Genius alongside Sabine to make sure nobody is safe from my damage-dealing Ion Bombs ever again; especially as, with everyone Ioned, you can do the same thing all over again next turn! Pro tip: Genius allows you to drop your bomb after you perform your manoeuvre, so you can get around the fact you can’t drop an “on revealing your dial” bomb while Ioned – you just drop it after you’ve moved again.

TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack

Finally, after 11 long Waves, we have an Imperial Secondary Weapon Turret carrier! Coming in at 17 points for the basic Pilot Skill 2 Sienar Specialist, this ship has a stat line of 2 Attack, 2 Agility, 4 Hull and a single Shield; and with Focus, Target Lock and, most importantly, Barrel Roll on the dial, this ship looks to be the perfect Turret monkey! Let’s address the elephant in the room here and say that yes, the PS2 Seinar Specialist, Twin Laser Turret and Lightweight Frame come in at 25 points, so this will be the new Imperial version of TLT spam. I can also see people dropping the fourth TLT for Captain Jonus with the TIE Shuttle Title and a Fleet Officer to keep your other three TLTs alive for longer (a Focus token goes a long way for defence when you’ve got 3 Agility, especially when you have 2 dice rerolls on your attacks). As an Imperial player at heart, I am in love with this ship; not just because I think it’s going to be extremely competitive, which I do, but because it gives me a whole new suite of Upgrades to play around with which I haven’t had a lot of table time with in the past.

Speaking of Upgrades, we know what all bar one Upgrade in the pack does. We’ve got a small ship only dual card Elite Pilot Talent, Intensity, which we only know you need to spend a Focus or Evade Token to flip it back to the other side. For two points, I hope that whatever is on that side is pretty spectacular. I assume it will be, as it’s small ship only and that’s usually the sign of a good EPT.

As for the two cards that we know about, we have the Synced Turret, which also comes in the Scurgg Bomber, and Unguided Rockets. FFG seem to have taken a liking to their double slot Upgrades, as the Unguided Rockets are the second to be spoiled in this Wave. Beforehand the only upgrade that took up two slots was Papa Palpatine himself, so considering these missiles take up as much space as a whole team of Wookies or the sheev-you-up master and his bodyguard, they’ve got to be pretty friggin’ big! Looking at the card, two things jump out at me. Firstly, this is yet another Missile that requires a Focus and not a Target Lock to fire, and secondly you don’t discard them after you use them. That’s right; these bad boys are an unlimited Missile! So for two points you can bump your ship up to Inquisitor levels of offense? Not quite. You may only modify this attack by spending a Focus Token for its standard effect. Considering you will probably not have a Target Lock anyway, this isn’t a bad trade-off for 3 Attack dice at range 3 without giving your opponent an extra Evade dice, as an extra dice for two points is great.

Next up we have the Synced Turret, which as far as Turrets go isn’t half bad. For four points, you get a 3 Attack dice Turret which you need a Target Lock to fire, but if the Defender is in arc, you get to reroll an amount of dice equal to your primary weapon value. This seems like a big screw you to the humble HWK, as currently it’s the only ship that can take a Turret upgrade and doesn’t have a Primary Attack Value of 2. This will of course change with the Scurgg Bomber, but from what I can see, that ship won’t need the extra help like the HWK would if they had just made this a blanket “reroll 2 Attack dice”.

That should just about cover all of the new stuff that’s been spoiled for Wave 11! This Wave looks to bring some interesting new things to the table. Rebels gain access to the Reinforce Action outside of Epic play, as well as the unique Salvaged Astromechs (they’re looking more and more like the Scum and Villainy faction with every Wave!). The Empire finally gets the Secondary Weapon Turret slot that they’ve been missing since Wave 1, and Scum get … well, they didn’t really need anything new this Wave anyway!

Without seeing the dials for any of these ships I can’t be sure, but to me it looks like we will be seeing a whole lot of the TIE Aggressor, whether someone is going the full on Thug Life, or even if it’s just two of the Pilot Skill 5 generics run alongside a TIE D Vessery. I can also see Captain Nym put into a squad, as he has a native Barrel Roll and can bid up to Pilot Skill 10. With all of those Upgrade slots knocking around on the Scrugg Bomber, you can really see the potential for a high PS ship with some arc dodging potential. I think the looser of the Wave at the moment is the poor little Auzituck Gunship; not because it doesn’t look good, but just because I don’t think it will add much more in the way of diversity to Rebel squad building. I hope to be wrong, but this looks to be one more tanky Crew carrier in the mid-20 point range for the Rebels, who are already overrun with tanky Crew carriers in the mid-20 point range. Only time will tell how right I am, but until then, remember to fly casual!


Wave 11 of X Wing is up on the site for you to Register Your Interest now; just click on the red button and you’ll receive an email as soon as pre-orders go live!

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3 Comments on X Wing: Has Wave 11 Got Legs?

  1. Havoc…Read the card Luke…You cannot equip non-unique = you have to equip unique.

    Otto | March 23, 2017 at 11:19 am () ()
    • I’m sorry for the confusion given there, I do indeed say it has to be a non-unique instead of a unique. It’s edited now. However I do go on to mention equipping a unique droid to the ship, so it’s more of not proof reading my own article than not reading the card. Thank you for spotting the typo.

      Harrison Sharp | March 28, 2017 at 11:19 am () ()
  2. The TIE Aggressor, like the Imperial Decimator, originated in the late, great Star Wars Galaxies MMO. Glad to see them here.

    John Furnish | April 14, 2017 at 3:29 pm () ()