X Wing: Beware of the C-ROC!

X Wing TO Harrison Sharp is interrupting his series of Wave 10 articles to shoehorn in a quick look at the newly announced Epic Play ship, the C-ROC Cruiser! It was announced last week and naturally, everyone got excited! Here’s what he made of the announcement:


Greetings, fellow pilots! If, like me, you always enjoy an evening of Epic Play, then right now you’re probably as excited as the fellow below:


You may be asking yourself “Why?” if you don’t have your finger on the pulse of the latest FFG news, so I’m here to enlighten you. Then maybe the picture of Australia’s national treasure looking so excited may start to make a bit more sense.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the latest Epic Ship to be announced, the C-ROC Cruiser! Let me see if I can find a picture of it… Here we are:


As you can see, that’s an impressive looking model. You can really see that the sole of the modeller has been put into it.

Tongue in cheek puns aside, this is an expansion that a lot of people have been really looking forward to for a long time, so let’s see if it has any bite!

croc3 croc4

Regardless of the completely different artwork on the card to the model and the segueway from shoe puns into crocodile puns, which I’m sure we can all agree are on a whole new scale, we can really get to grips with what the ship is going to look like on the table. Spoiler alert, it’s going to be a beast! For five points less than the Gozanti, you are getting one less shield, one more hull, one less Pilot Skill and one more Cargo slot. That’s pretty crazy, as you can then equip the C-ROC-only Hardpoint and be the same points value as a base Gozanti or a Rebel Transport with the Combat Retrofit! I know there were a lot of complaints when the Gozanti and Imperial Raider came out, about it being a lot more aggressively costed than the Rebel Epic ships, but it seems now that the shoe is on the other foot! The scummy foot, if you can stand the mental image!

I can really see this ship becoming a cold-blooded killer for a bargain basement price. Scum already have so many great cheap Crew to choose from that you can deck this guy out for under 50 points and still get a lot of use out of it. Let’s take a look at the Zuckuss Crew member as the most obvious example. For a single point you can make your opponent re-roll as many of his defence dice as you want for no drawback, as Huge ships don’t receive Stress Tokens. Crazy! If you want to make that cannon even more consistent, you can add Dengar Crew and a Gunnery Team to give you re-rolls without the need for a Target Lock, as well as the ability to convert a blank result into a hit result.

Just a note, if you were thinking of adding IG-88D Crew to him to get a Gunner-like effect for one point, that won’t work. First, the Hardpoint isn’t a Cannon Upgrade, and second, you need to spend two energy each time you fire this turret, and it can only store two energy on it at a time.

croc5 croc6 croc7


If you are stuck for what exactly to throw onto your C-ROC Cruiser, FFG have kindly previewed the answer to all of your problems. We have two new Crew cards which allow you to change round Illicits, Cargo, Crew or Crew Teams, so if you’ve chosen the wrong tool for the job, you can switch out for something else! If you don’t like the idea of hogging one of your valuable Crew slots with Crew that on their own don’t do anything for you, then you even have a Title that allows you to take one more Crew and Crew Team in exchange for a Cargo slot. I can see a lot of use for Azmorigan and the Merchant One Title in conjunction, as Scum have a ton of 1-point Crew that can be really useful in a multitude of situations. Got some pesky Aces to get rid of? Why not throw 4-LOM onto your C-ROC? Need to space the Emperor? Looks like you need to hire the infamous Boba Fett (Or would it be Boba Feet in a C-ROC?) to make the hit. You could even judge that, if your opponent is using a lot of Push the Limit, Latts Razzi Crew may be able to save you enough damage to warrant her inclusion on your biggest ship.

As for the Merchant One Title, having both an Engineering Team and a Gunnery Team means you won’t have to make the difficult choice between the two. I usually don’t like spending points for the opportunity to spend more points, but in this case you also get an additional point of Energy, meaning the C-ROC can store up to five. This can be pretty crucial for a ship that spends two a turn to fire. If I had to put a build together for this beast, I would probably try to keep it under 50 points, but if I wanted to really make it a threat I would currently run it with Dengar, Zuckuss and Shield Technician Crew, Engineering and Gunnery Teams and the Merchant One title. This leaves both of the remaining Cargo spots and the Modification slot free in case you really need those Optimised Generators for regaining Energy or even the Automated Protocols to get an additional action.

croc8 croc9


Finally we come on to the only thing that has been previewed for Standard Play, the “Light Scyk” Interceptor Title. This gives the Scyk the 2 point reduction it needed when it was first released, but it comes at a cost. As you can see, the drawbacks are pretty high, but not unmanageable on a ship that only has 2 Hull and, if you’re running it cheap, no use for the Modification slot. I really wanted the Scyk to be a good and cheap ship when it was released in Wave 6, but after the points cost was spoiled, my hopes were quickly dashed faster than the pilot of the same name. Now we have the Title that I wanted all that time ago, but in a time when the Swarm archetype has taken a huge hit in the current Meta. I expect this Title to be a sleeper hit, or useful for Scum if you want to have some cheap ships on the table that can Evade as an action to feed your Swarm Leader. The main place I can see this on will be the Tansarii Point Veteran with Attanni Mindlink. Two of these will come in at 32 points, allowing you the other two thirds of your list to trick out with other Mindlinked nastiness, maybe with a hammer ship with Swarm Leader.
The only problem I forsee with this is after adding in the almost mandatory Manaroo with just Attani MIndlink, you’re left with 40 points to shoe in a hammer. That doesn’t get you a lot of big ship; however, you can just squeeze in Bossk with Swarm Leader, 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Alternatively, you can go for the reliable hammer of Fenn Rau with Autothrusters, Title and Swarm Leader to throw a 7 dice, fully modified shot into someone’s face at range 1!

And that about wraps up the new stuff from the C-ROC Cruiser. All that’s left for me to say is, may the Force be with you and good luck!

Oh, and neither myself nor Chaos Cards will be held responsible for any injury sustained as a result of reading excessive puns.

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