The Rise of the Miniature!

I love miniatures. It is not unknown for me to purchase a board game chiefly because I love the miniatures in it (Labyrinth), or to buy miniatures from a game just to paint and display (Batman, Guild Ball). I’ve spent hours painting my Mansions of Madness miniatures, I drool over the Malifaux faction boxes (damn, those Neverborn are so cool!), … Continue reading

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Simon is back, with another article – but it’s not about Star Wars Armada this time! Has the bubble finally burst? Read on to find out about his latest obsession, Tanks: I am taking a break from writing about my usual subject (Big Grey Triangles of Death!!!) to talk about yet another boyhood obsession given life through the medium of … Continue reading

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Malifaux: The Torch and Blade

Malifaux Henchman Martin Almand continues his musings on the Guild Faction with a look at the Torch and Blade crew box, and more specifically, Sonnia Criid. **** Hello dear reader! Once again we find ourselves journeying through the Breach once more to see what is happening in the wonderful city of Malifaux. Today, we will be focusing all of our … Continue reading

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Malifaux: The Starter Set Reviewed

Today we have Martin Almand taking a look at the recent Malifaux Starter Set, and evaluating its usefulness for players both new and experienced, as well as looking at the new models inside … ***** So want to start an amazing skirmish game, but don’t know which way to turn? Well look no further than the Malifaux starter set! This … Continue reading

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Malifaux: An Introduction

Martin Almand is one of our local gaming enthusiasts and a confirmed Malifaux Nut (even to the point where he is indeed the Local Henchman for the game)! Heavily involved with those lovely people at Wyrd games and always to be found running an event of some sort he is quite the expert, so with out further ado I shall … Continue reading

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