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Collectors of Yu Gi Oh cards are being offered a boost thanks to the Wing Raiders booster sets, but what are you likely to find inside?

The Konami Digital Entertainment set is billed as bringing new archetypes to boost deck-building abilities, opening new realms of exploration and supporting existing strategies. But what does this mean in reality, and what cards are likely to be the pick of the pack?
The consensus seems to be that the highlights are the new XYZ cards, along with traps, spells and monsters from the ARC-V series and the five secret rares, six ultra rares, ten super rares and twelve rares which help make up the 60-card Wing Raiders collection.hhh

What Can You Expect from a Single Booster?

This will obviously vary, but reports are coming back of a real plethora of the new XYZ cards. One tested pack had no fewer than five and included the rare Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon. This monster has the ability to lower an opponent’s best monster’s power by half.

A popular highlight of the Wing Raiders expansion sets is Phantom Knights’ Spear, which is a favourite among those who like to have Phantom Knights monsters playing central roles in their deck. With Phantom Knights’ Spear, opponents will suffer 500 damage every time they target your Phantom Knights, and it can also save a Dark monster from destruction.

There are, of course, also those secret rares lurking temptingly in these booster packs of Yu Gi Oh cards. One of the most sought after is the Phantom Knights of Break Sword. This one may not have the best defence statistics or be the most powerful in attack, but serious players seem to believe that its abilities make up for this.

The owner of the Phantom Knights of Break Sword can detach XYZ Material with each turn to destroy one of their cards and one of their opponents. Even when the Phantom Knights of Break Sword is destroyed, two graveyard Phantom Knights monsters can be recurred with an increased level. The monster is also Dark, making it ideal for teaming with Phantom Knights’ Spear.

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