Pokemon TCG Storage Tips

You might have caught them all, but now you’re probably left wondering where to store them all. When it comes to Pokemon TCG you can end up potentially owning hundreds of cards. Sadly, the bigger your collection the more at risk and prone they will become to damage, wear and tear, which is why it is so important to make sure you have a good storage system. With the ever-growing amount of storage options that are available, at Chaos Cards we wanted to put together some storage tips to help keep your valuable Pokemon cards in top condition.

Keep Track of What You’re Collecting

Everyone begins to collect Pokemon for different reasons and with different collection goals in mind. Whether you’re aiming to be a TCG player, or are predominantly wanting to be a collector, you can still end up with a complicated amount of cards that you just don’t know what to do with. Before you begin to store your cards it’s helpful to keep a note of where a certain card is going to be; you can do this as a list on your phone, find an app, or even do it old-school style in a notebook, just make sure before you spread out your full collection you have a system on where each card is grouped. 

Pokemon players often group cards by their type to make it easier to create decks, whereas collectors might group cards by their set numbers to make it easier to catch ‘em all.

Having a planned system can also help you prioritise your collection; highlighting which cards might be redundant to your collection, which copies you have, and help you figure out what decks to build from the cards you have.

Card Sleeves – which ones to use and when?

Card sleeves seem like the most obvious starting point for protecting your Pokemon TCG cards. Here’s a few tips on the different types and when best to use them:

Soft Sleeves

It is advisable to keep all of your cards in soft sleeves as this is the basic amount of protection they can have. Getting the right sleeve that fits your Pokemon cards perfectly is important; this will make sure the card cannot move about when you’re on-the-go and will keep them better protected. For your rarer, special cards try perfect fit sleeves or double sleeving, to further protect your cards from damage and keep them well sealed from any spills. 


These are the card sleeves where you simply slip the card into the sleeve from the top (aptly named, right?). Toploaders are great as a second form of protection for your card, once they’ve already been placed into a sleeve. Toploaders are designed to be used with a sleeve and the card will slip around inside the toploader without one. Relying simply on the toploader to protect your cards won’t be helpful, as the opening at the top invites moisture damage and will probably result in damage to the cards. 

Other Pokemon TCG Collector’s Storage

Trainer Boxes

The Pokemon Elite Trainer boxes can be a great way to store your common, less expensive cards. They keep cards compactly together in one place and can help you easily transfer them from match to match. The perfect solution for regular players who need their cards easily accessible and safely transported. 


Lots of people choose to store their cards in the Pokemon TCG tins that your cards come in when first purchased. Tins are a great, aesthetically pleasing way to store those extra, bulk cards that need a home. As they’re spacious, tins can hold a lot of cards at once and provide a great, portable way to carry all your cards with you together.

Storage Box

Chaos Cards offer a range of card storage boxes that can hold a large amount of cards at once, compactly, stopping them from moving about and becoming torn or worn at the edges. Perfect as a way to take most of your collection on the move with you and have all your cards in one place. 


Binders are another great way to carry your portfolio of cards around with you, to show off your best cards, or to trade cards you no longer need, or even just to keep your collection well organised. The plastic wallets inside the binders help keep your cards safe from dust and avoid any wear and tear damage that comes from transporting them incorrectly. 

Deck Boxes

Deck boxes can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials for you to choose from and are the perfect way to transport your decks around. Find the Deck Box that’s perfect for you in our collection and keep your main cards safe together. 

Pokemon TCG Storage

Once you’ve assessed your collection and considered your goals our guide should help you to decide what type of storage will be most useful to you. Whether you want your deck easily accessible for frequent match days, want to keep those rare, high value cards safe from any damage, or want your organised collection safe from dust, spillages and tears, Chaos Cards have the perfect Pokemon TCG storage for you. Check out our full Pokemon TCG range on the website and see how you can keep your most prized collection safe.

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