Magic vs Pokemon Battle Royale: Round 3!

Here we are at the semi-final of our Magic vs Pokemon Battle Royale! For round one, we are going directly to star Facebooker Max Cummins for his account of the first round:

Jace vs Pikachu … FIGHT!

Jace vs Pikachu

The plane of Zendikar is a dangerous place, Jace has stepped back from the fight with the Eldrazi, as the other Planeswalkers move in to press their advantage – Jace takes some time for reflection amidst some tall grass.
What was that music? Where was it coming from? The hairs on his arms were standing on end. Spinning around, throwing out his senses – there was something here. A mind, primitive; a beast? One of Nissa’s creations? A stray drone of the Eldrazi? A flash of yellow and a crack of lightning. Jace was on the floor, robes singed and hair smoking. Opposite him, a tiny yellow rat with a look of burning rage.
Jace, seeing this creature’s cheeks begin to pulse with more of this terrible energy knew he had to act quickly – throwing out a few illusions of himself; that should buy him some time to think. Where was Garruk when you needed him?
The furious rat electrified the first of his mirror images – reducing the glamour to naught but the ashes of magic. Perhaps he could control this creature? Use it to turn the fight against Kozilek? He quested out to dominate the thing’s tiny mind, as it destroyed a second image. His time was running out. His magic flowed out of him with the usual ease; gripping the creature with the expertise of a true mind mage. Flashes of a strange plane appeared before him – more strange creatures. He tried to focus but this tiny, impetuous foe was resisting.
Visions of strange artefacts filled his vision. 8 tiny gems. Instinctively he knew, without them – he couldn’t tame this creature for long. Almost on cue, the rat came at him again with blinding speed, tackling him to the ground. Shocking him again. Somehow, even with his protective blue-mana enchantments on himself, this creatures attacks felt, super-effective?
“It has to have a weakness, I can’t die like this.” Thought the Living Guildpact.
“The Gatewatch depends on me!”
The strange music seemed to intensify.
He reached out once more with his mind, telekinetically this time, grabbing some rocks and hurling them at the creature, if only to stop the electrifying agony he was currently enduring.
SMASH, the rat took the hit hard, rolling off, a few scuffs and bruises immediately apparent on it already. Jace launched a few more rocks for good measure – battering the creature left and right, it seemed to sway and totter as his barrage continued. This was not the kind of fighting he was used to. The tiny but terrible beast seemed ready to fall. One more hit should do it, but then, right when he needed them most. His limbs locked up, his mind froze, a jolt of that electricity must have hit him harder than he realized earlier. Now he seemed, fully paralyzed?
“Pi-ka-chu!” The beast howled.
The clouds darked, thunder rolled in overhead, a bolt came down from the sky. The mind mage was no more.

Comment / story by Max Cummins. The votes were actually quite close!

Nicol Bolas vs Bulbasaur … FIGHT!

Nicol Bolas vs Bulbasaur

Nicol Bolas comes into the arena, and stands ready, waiting for Bulbasaur to arrive. There’s the bell … but no sign of Bulbasaur! Has it chickened out? Will Nicol Bolas win by default? He seems to think so; he’s prowling around the arena looking smug … Wait – what’s that in the grass? OH!!! Bulbasaur just jumped out of hiding and used Vinewrap while Nicol bolas’s back was turned – I’m surprised it can even reach all the way up there, but it’s managed to wrap its vines around Nicol Bolas’s throat … and it’s squeezing!!! Nicol Bolas has managed to turn to face Bulbasaur, and it looks like he’s trying to breathe fire, but those vines are just too tight – he can’t do it – I’m not sure he can even breathe! Wow! He’s trying to land a hit on Bulbasaur, but the nippy little Pokemon is keeping out of reach … Nicol Bolas is swinging the little thing around by those vines but it’s still keeping far enough away to avoid his mind-shattering touch! Nicol Bolas doesn’t look good … he’s choking and gasping, clawing at those vines, but they just don’t want to break … and the look on Bulbasaur’s face is one of fury! You wouldn’t think you’d ever see a cute little Pokemon look so angry! Bulbasaur is out for revenge! Oh, this is brutal, just brutal! Nicol Bolas is weakening … he’s fallen to the floor … is Bulbasaur really going to choke him to death? I’m a little worried … Wait … no, the vines are loosening and Bulbasaur is stepping back … is it allowing Nicol Bolas a chance to concede? Fat chance of that, Bolas is getting his breath back and he looks murderous! what now? I can hardly bear to watch … OH! Nicol Bolas just took a swipe at Bulbasaur, but  he’s no match for it right now – Bulbasaur almost looks pleased, and … is it … Yes!! It’s gearing up for a Solar Beam! Here we go … and … Ouch! nicol Bolas couldn’t even try to dodge that one! He’s down! Down and crispy! Bulbasaur is our winner, and Squirtle is avenged for Round 1!

Based on comments by Blaine Perry and James Tan. It seems Nicol Bolas lost his support as Bulbasaur walked this vote with loads of room to spare!

So there we have it, not even into the final and the Pokemon are the victors! Looks like the final will be a victory round for the Pocket Monsters, as Pikachu faces off against Bulbasaur! Will the franchise mascot take the crown, or will fan favourite Bulbasaur steal the title? Join us next week to find out!


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