Last Post for Christmas

Twas last post for Christmas, and in the warehouse
The warehouse staff’s sanity was running out.
The order sheets piled on the table so high
That a fall would have buried them – so they tiptoed on by.

One by one, each order was nestled snug in its box,
Sealed up and piled up to be carried off
In the jolly red van that soon would stop by,
To whisk off the parcels under cover of night.

The staff in the warehouse were making a din,
Ripping tape, crumpling paper were nigh deafening.
They all knew they’d be hearing those sounds in their dreams,
They’d been packing these boxes forever, it seemed.

The staff from the office had come down to help –
There were so many orders, it was just as well –
And they stifled their grumbles and marvelled at how
The warehouse staff did this day in and day out.

Their fingers were sore and their backs really ached
From standing and packing day after long day.
But keep packing they did, and keep packing they would,
To ensure that your Christmases went as they should.

The Royal Mail driver, as tired as us,
Came by several times and filled his van fit to bust
With Pokémon, X Wing, and board games galore,
And took them away to be sent to your doors.

But at long long last, all the orders were gone,
All the boxes were packed, all the hard work was done,
The office staff stumbled back up to their desks
While the warehouse tried to clear up what was left.

For though the orders were gone, there was still work to do:
Someone had to sweep the floors and scrub out the loos,
There was new stock that needed a home on the shelves –
The work never ends for the Chaos Cards elves.

And up in the office they scrambled to finish
The jobs that, for packing, they had left to languish:
Invoices, articles, and numerous checklists,
All the back of house jobs that you don’t know exist.

The social media – so quiet before –
Got lots of attention so you don’t feel ignored.
And the customer service team, glued to the phones,
Were no longer stuck in the office alone!dont-miss-the-last-post-136394540923803901-141121111535

As the last post for Christmas went off on its way,
The Chaos Cards staff gave the driver a wave,
Then all collapsed down in an untidy heap,
And at last could look forward to Christmas .. and sleep!

“It’s done,” they told themselves, “We can do no more,”
And they tidied their desks and swept clean the floor,
Put on their coats and turned out the lights,
Locked up the doors, and said their goodnights.

“Merry Christmas”, they said, and then wandered off home
To enjoy the holiday, open gifts of their own,
But soon enough they’ll be back to start over anew
When January comes, there’ll be more orders to do …


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