Infinity: What’s In The Box? Exploring The Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Box

Chris H is back, this time taking a look at the Yu Jing Imperial Service Sectorial Starter box!


1 x Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank
1 x Imperial Agent: Crane Rank
1 x Zhanying Imperial Agent
3 x Celestial Guard


The Celestial Guards

Let’s deal with the line troops first, so we can properly focus on the elites. The Celestial Guard are slightly higher quality cheerleaders. A high Willpower value of 14 and a decent Bio-Technological Shield make them better at resisting Nanopulsers and other exotic weapons, whilst also giving them a good chance of using ‘Reset‘ against enemy attempts to target them with guided missiles.

The Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank

With the brutal boarding shotgun in his gauntleted hands, Martial Arts Level 2 and a Close Combat of 22 the Imperial Agent is devastating up close. Armour 2 and a Bio-Technological Shield score of 3 provides adequate protection, but one of the best things about the Pheasant Rank is his Chain of Command ability, which means that if the Lieutenant is taken out of action he can take over.

The Imperial Agent: Crane Rank

This elite warrior costs a lot to bring to the field but can deliver an enormous punch. Close Combat 22 and Martial Arts Level 3 makes him very good in hand-to-hand combat while his dual Nanopulsers allow him to wipe out bunched-up foes. With a Ballistic Skill of 13 and an X-Visor, he’s accurate at range attacks, which is good news because he’s packing a Spitfire – a burst 4 weapon that can chew threw enemies with impunity! Add to this Armour 4, Bio-Technological Shield 6 and 2 Wounds and you can see how the high cost is entirely justified.

The Zhanying

Bioimmunity, Armour 2 and Bio-Technological Shield 3 ensure some survivability, and a Nanopulser will ensure that lightweight enemies keep their distance. Thanks to Sixth Sense Level 2, the Zhanying will be returning fire at enemies in smoke without penalty, while his Nimbus Grenades can restrict enemy shooting. But the best thing about the Zhanying is the missile launcher. A long-range weapon that can turn even the most resilient enemy unit into a cloud of molten shards or a fine red drizzle, the mere threat of it will be enough to force enemies to keep their heads down!


The Plan

This is a real elite-level starter with some brutal, if expensive, units. Because it’s a Sectorial list (every unit is taken from a sub-section of the Yu Jing faction called the Imperial Service) you can link the three Celestial Guard into a fireteam, enabling you to move them with a single order. This will also give them a bonus of +1 to the burst of their weapons, dramatically boosting their effectiveness.

The Zhanying will be able to provide some long-range support with his missile launcher, providing excellent covering fire for the Imperial Agents. The Crane Rank’s Spitfire will be chewing up the enemy at medium range, as the Pheasant Rank saunters imperiously into the enemy ranks, laying down some ferocious fire with the boarding shotgun.


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