Infinity: Stars of the Human Sphere: #005 Corregidor Bandit Hacker

Chris H has returned to bring us another look at a must-have unit in Infinity – for you Nomads players, we present to you the Corregidor Bandit Hacker, who is much more than just a (really really) pretty model:


In Infinity, games often focus on objectives placed in specific areas of the table. To succeed in these missions, players need to get their troops into positions of vantage from which they can spring out, grab the objectives and prevent enemies from closing in. With this in mind, many astute players will seek to employ the talents of Infiltrators like the Nomad Bandit.

Infiltrating units start the game anywhere up to the half way line, often enabling them to start right next to objectives. Not only does this give players the chance to grab objectives very easily and without spending lots of orders moving their units, it also forces opponents to deal with the infiltrators before they can attempt to grab those objectives themselves.

The Bandit is an aggressive and versatile unit from the Nomad faction, found in the Corregidor Sectorial Army. Let’s look at the profile.

hacker stats

We can see that the Bandit has a very good CC (Close Combat) score of 21, and solid BS (Ballistic Skill) and PH (Physical) stats too, allowing the unit to engage up close and at range with reasonable effectiveness. The PH score of 13 is good, enabling the Bandit to dodge and deliver decent damage in combat. Martial Arts (Level 2) is very useful, giving the Bandit either extra damage in combat, or allowing the Bandit to force a CC penalty on opponents. Unfortunately the Bandit has a relatively poor WIP (Willpower) score of 12, which for Nomads is noticeably lower than usual, although it’s on a par with the WIP of many other factions.

The Bandit has Camouflage so the unit can begin the game as an anonymous marker, Infiltration, and Multiterrain. This last skill lets the Bandit cope well in games where sections of the table are rendered difficult to traverse due to special mission rules or terrain such as water or dense woodland.

The Bandit is also a Scavenger. This lets the unit spend an order to take a weapon or piece of equipment from an unconscious enemy. The possibilities of this may be mouth-watering, and although it’s a fairly niche ability that players won’t use much, when your Bandit picks up a monofilament blade from an unconscious ninja, or a missile launcher from a downed enemy, you might just have a unit that can swing the game single-handedly.

Tools of the Trade

The Bandit has various loadouts, as we can see. The cheapest option provides a light shotgun for close-range blasting. This is especially useful since the shotgun is a template weapon, so can catch multiple targets, and with the Bandit starting further up the table, you’ll be getting close to the enemy very quickly. Other weapons available include antipersonnel mines for denying enemies access to areas of the table, and adhesive launchers which fire cement-like substances at enemies, freezing them in place. Given that the Bandit has access to camouflage, making the unit harder to shoot back at and also enabling the use of Surprise Shot, this gives you an easy way to deal with large enemy threats like Heavy Infantry and TAGs (Tactical Armoured Gear, the Mecha of Infinity).

Bandits can also carry the ubiquitous yet effective Combi-Rifle, and E/Maulers, mines that blast enemies with an electro-magnetic pulse. You can also equip a Bandit with a Deployable Repeater to extend your hacking range, something every Nomad player is eager to do.

In terms of specialist roles, Bandits can be Forward Observers, able to target enemy units so that the army can launch guided ammunition at them for example, and Hackers. Due to its average Willpower level, the Bandit won’t be the best Forward Observer or Hacker the Nomads can field, but with a good range of weapons and decent close combat ability, the Bandit offers more versatility than most similar units in the faction.

Hack Attack

Hacking is what the Nomads do best, and although Corregidor focuses more on firepower than fancy toys (look to the Tunguska and Bakunin sectorials for those), this sectorial can still burst a few brains. The Bandit can carry either an Assault Hacking Device, ideal for stunning enemy hackers or freezing enemy heavy infantry and TAGs in place, or a Killer Hacking Device, designed simply to murder other hackers from afar. Thanks to their camouflage and infiltration, Bandits with these devices can sneak up on enemies and surprise attack them with hacking programs, making up for their relatively mediocre Willpower with various modifiers that will prevent enemies from responding effectively.


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