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Big presents are great. Everyone likes getting a really hefty box, gift-wrapped with their name on the tag. But let’s face it – they can’t always be big ones! Sometimes you need to give something smaller, whether it’s because you’re keeping to a budget for a Secret Santa or you’re looking to fill up a stocking. And Christmas shopping can be stressful, right? So to give you a hand this Christmas, here’s the first of a set of articles listing some ideal stocking fillers for the gamer on your Christmas list!

Stocking Sized Games

First up, we’ve got some stocking-sized games, with quick, no-nonsense descriptions, to keep them busy on Christmas morning. We’ve split them into categories, though many of these could easily be fit in more than one. Hopefully it’ll help you tick off a name on your list!

If They Are Young Gamers or Play With The Family:

Happy Salmon – a simple, silly game. If your top card matches another player’s top card, you must both perform the action on the card, then discard it. First person to discard all their cards wins!

Sushi Go! – a fast-playing card game where you need to collect the best sushi cards to create the highest scoring meal!get-bit-in-play

Uno – the classic family card game. Get rid of your cards first! Quick and easy to learn.

Get Bit – (pictured) a card game where you compete to be a faster swimmer than your opponents as you flee a hungry shark! Complete with little plastic men with removable limbs, for when the shark catches you and takes a bite!

Timeline – a series of trivia games where you need to play your cards in the order they occurred in. Available themes include history, music and cinema, and Star Wars!

Dobble – a visual perception family card game, where you need to match images on the cards. Available in several versions, including Dobble Kids, Finding Dory Dobble and Star Wars Dobble!

If They Like Multiplayer or Party Games:

Love Letter – a party game of hidden identities and bluffing. Quick to play, loads of different themes from Batman to Adventure Time to the traditional original.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf / Vampire – a quick play party game of bluffing and detection. Figure out who is the werewolf or vampire!

Ultimate Werewolf – the original game the One Night games were based on, a longer play game with more twists and intrigue, with the basic premise the same: figure out which one of you is a werewolf!

Exploding Kittens – a silly card game along the lines of Russian Roulette – avoid drawing the exploding kitten, or hope you can defuse it, or you’re out! Available in original, retail and ‘NSFW’ versions.

Fluxx – a very silly and unpredictable card game where the rules can change at any moment. Great for parties, and there are dozens of themes to choose from, including Zombies, Cthulhu, Batman, Firefly, Pirates and many more!codenamesplay

Hanabi – an unusual co-operative card game where you have to hold your hands facing away from you and communicate each others’ hands to each other in an effort to complete the challenge.

Skull – a quick, simple bluffing game presented in gorgeous sugar-skull-style artwork. Play your cards, place your bid for how many you can turn over before you reveal a skull, and hope that no one outbids you!

Codenames – (pictured) a card game for two teams. Spymasters give one-word clues to pint their teammates to the right codenames, but they have to avoid their opponents’ codenames as well! Three versions are available: the original game with words on the cards, Codenames: Pictures which uses images instead of words, and Codenames: Deep Undercover, which is strictly for adults only!

Lost in R’lyeh – a quick card game of Lovecraftian horror. Players are trapped in R’lyeh and must play their cards against each other to get out. There’s no one winner, but the last person to escape loses!

Cheaty Mages – a betting game where players place their bets on arena battles, and then try to cheat the outcome in their favour by casting spells!

The Resistance – a social bluffing game where players have to root out the traitor among them. Also available as The Resistance: Avalon for a fantasy / Arthurian theme, or Coup for a futuristic theme.

If They Like Roleplay, Narrative-Led or Adventure Games:

Tiny Epic … games – a selection of adventure games that are both tiny and epic, with clever and varied gameplay in each box. Choose from Kingdoms, Defenders, Galaxies, and Western.Game1

Boss Monster – take the role of a final boss in a video game and build a dungeon to stop those pesky adventurers getting to you! Sequel and expansions available.

Side Quest: Pocket Adventures – (pictured) pocket-sized RPG-style adventure – pick your character and lay out cards to make the dungeon they will explore!

Gloom – for the not so festive gamer! A storytelling game where you choose cards from your hand to give your family the most miserable, tragic story. The player with the lowest score wins! Various versions and expansions available.

Dungeon Roll – a dice-rolling co-operative dungeon-crawling game. Presented in a nifty treasure chest shaped box!

Red7_AllIf They Like Strategy Games:

Red7 – (pictured) a quick strategy card game where you are actually playing seven mini-games at once – can you keep track?

Lords of War – an innovative mixture of card game and board game for two players, with beautiful fantasy artwork and strategy reminiscent of chess. Different decks available, but each box comes with two opposing decks so you only need to buy one box to start playing. Accessories also available.

Tides of Time – a card drafting game in three rounds, where players collect hands, score them, and pick a card to keep for later rounds. After three rounds, the highest scorer wins. Also available as Tides of Madness, a Cthulhu-themed version which adds a madness mechanic!

If They’re a TCG Player or Like Deck-Building and Duelling Card Games:

Pixel Tactics – a two-player card game where players play with identical decks, but their choice of leader changes the way the decks play. Retro graphics for a cute video game feel.
Join us next time when we’ll look at stocking-filler accessories for the gamers who have already found their game!

Star Realms – a fast-paced deck-building game of TCG-style space combat. Use Trade to acquire Ships, Bases and Allies in your battle against your opponent. Lots of expansions to grow the game, and a fantasy version, Hero Realms, is being released shortly.swd03_team-build-qui-gon-rey

Star Wars Destiny –(pictured)  the new FFG Star Wars collectable game, where you use cards and dice to pit individual Star Wars characters against each other. Base decks and booster packs available.

Magic: The Gathering – intro decks, deck builders’ toolkits, commander decks, and booster packs would all be great stocking fillers for a Magic player! Find out their preferred mana colours and see what fits them best!

Yu Gi Oh – structure decks, collectors’ tins and booster packs would all be great additions to a Yu Gi Oh player’s stocking!

Pokémon – theme decks, tins and booster packs would be great Secret Santa presents for a Pokémon player, especially if you can find out their favourite Pokémon!

Dice Masters – a collectable card and dice game where players pit their favourite superheroes against each other. Lots of different starter sets to choose from as well as blind boosters to expand their collection and accessories.


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