Hurleys Affiliate Programme

About Chaos Cards Affiliate Programme

Chaos Cards are the premier source for all things tabletop! From trading card games, wargaming and board games to roleplaying games, not to mention all the accessories and extras an avid tabletop fan needs!

Our Brands

We stock a huge array of products from the tabletop space, but some of the most popular with customers will always be:

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Cardfight Vanguard
  • Games Workshop: Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, Kill Team, etc.
  • Dungeons & Dragons

Our Affiliate Scheme

We are happy to work with all publishers and we are always looking for new partners. We are selective over who we work with and and we pay well and we pay quickly. Our industry is niche and we are one of the dominant brands in the United Kingdom, with top results on search engines across a range of relevant keywords.

We currently offer a default flat rate of 5% on all products, but we do work with numerous partners with rates negotiated depending on the offering. Generally speaking we pay less where vouchers are the primary advertising method and more where they are not, this is to help protect our margins.

We currently do not de-duplicate against other marketing channels and all commissions are paid on a last-click basis. However, we do have varying tiers of cookie tracking available for publishers who are inherently more aggressive in how they cookie customers. For example, if you use software on our website to target users (e.g. overlays) then your cookie tracking will not be able to overwrite that of a publisher who sends traffic to our website. We feel that's only fair to help create a profitable and fair space for all publishers.

We do have terms and conditions which are available when you register. Specifically relating to PPC, as a standard we need to be very careful about how our publishers utilise this medium but if you do want to discuss PPC rights (such as brand+voucher) please get in touch and we are always more than happy to review.

Join Now

We work with Partnerize via Visualsoft, if you currently have a Partnerize account you can simply contact us using and request to be added to our network. Otherwise you can always register an account with us by visiting the following link:

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Our campaign ID is: 1101l420